An Impromptu Interview with Salvador Dali's Tarot Universal

Back in December, as a bit of a birthday gift to myself, I ordered the Dali Tarot Universal deck on a whim. I’ve now owned it for a couple months but I’ve never actually read with it nor have I been overly compelled to do so. I’ve always been a Dali enthusiast, had tons of art books scattered across the house and this purchase was meant to be a collection piece rather than a practical tarot deck. Not to mention, the cards are enormous! I don’t have small hands but I struggle to shuffle them so I can imagine if you do have very small hands, you’ll have to come up with some inventive techniques.

But, with all that being said, I woke up today and much like the whim that caused me to purchase this deck that day in December, I was stuck with a similar one that suggested I interview the damn thing!

I want to make this short and sweet so let’s get to it. I asked 7 questions and strayed a bit from my standard interview format only because I wanted also to capture the essence of the creator himself in some of the replies. Questions and responses below and an image of the cards is at the end.

Which card represents Salvador Dali? 7 of Pentacles: We see in this image an either depressed or exhausted woman no doubt waiting for her garden to fully bloom. She has dreams of what results will yield her but she is sick to death of all the waiting! Perhaps Salvador Dali was a bit of an impatient man, wanting immediate results and resenting having to wait for anything good to come to fruition. This can also be seen as the tireless artist who creates and creates but is never quite satisfied with his progress or results. There is definitely a sense of lack of appreciation present here.

Which card represents the deck? 6 of Swords: This deck has the heart of a traveller. People, places, things; it wants to absorb it all and be in all places at once. It’s a navigator and its interests are not just in seeing the sights but also arriving safety at the destination. This deck suggests that it knows the most convenient route and the best destination for the seeker and it wants to help you reach it!

What are the strengths of the deck? 6 of Pentacles: This deck is giving in nature and concerned with equality. That which you put into it, it will meet you half way and beyond. It is non judgmental, non discriminatory and concerned only about the overall well-being of the seeker and their inquiry.

How can this deck best be used? 3 of Cups: This card has a spirit of community and friendship. This deck wants you to take it to your next social gathering and use it with your friends. It’s a piece of art and a tool for divination that wishes to be shared.

What do I bring to this partnership? Page of Coins: A resourceful and practical nature. A youthful, go-getting spirit (planted in Earth) that is able to bring a sense of groundedness to the whimsical nature of this deck.

Topic you are most interested in? Ace of Swords: All topics of intellectual pursuit. If you have an idea, this deck wants to help you to grow it into something tangible.

What is your favourite card visually? Knight of Swords: I cannot be sure why this might be. It’s a bit of a silly depiction though so maybe it’s kind of tongue in cheek. The Knight here is a top a horse and he has a bit of a smile on his face. It appears the horse is standing on a plate so the whole thing seems more of a showcase than a Knight in motion. If you asked me what my favourite image was I would say the Death card, but I’m not the one being interviewed!


And there we have it. The image of all cards drawn is above for your reference.

This would be my first official read with this deck and my overall impression is that it is friendlier than I expected it to be. Not as difficult to read either but still a pain in the ass to shuffle. While I’m not quite ready to call it a "readable" deck, I might just have to give this one a little more read time.

Julia Eve