Freebie: 25 Spreads Through The Major Arcana

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This post includes a free guidebook featuring 25 unique tarot spreads. Get it here!

Back in January, the first to be exact, I started a series called Spreads Through The Major Arcana. Approximately each week I released a tarot (or Oracle if you fancy) spread in the essence of each card from the Major Arcana starting first with The Fool. I got as far as The Hermit, the 10th installment, when I decided I wanted to package up the whole thing rather than release in segments. Initially I had the thought that I would sell it for $5.00, but I quickly scraped the idea because really, I just want people to have it.

The guide itself is a 29 page PDF and contains a total of 25 spreads. There is 1 spread for each of the 22 Major Arcana however, The Lovers and The High Priestess have two spreads instead of one. In addition, there is a final 22-card spread that brings all cards into focus entitled, “The Whole Picture”. It is my hope that these spreads will be enlightening, useful and entertaining and especially if you’re just starting out with tarot, I also hope this guide will help uncover aspects of the Major Arcana to further illuminate their meaning.

So without further ado, I present you with the final guide for your downloading pleasure: The Fool's Journey To Fulfillment - 25 Spreads To Light The Way.

If you use any of these spreads I’d love your feedback and to know how you made out!


Julia Eve