House Hunting with Tarot: Finding My 10 of Cups

My main modus operandi is to use tarot to illuminate what isn’t clear, energy swirling around that we can’t quite bring into focus and then use that to help accelerate our own growth or understanding. But sometimes, you just need some help buying a new home! And guess what? Tarot can help with that too!

Very practical matters whether it be budget balancing, career choosing or house hunting can be boiled down to energy. Plain and simple. What is the energy of the housing market currently? What do I need to know to begin my search? What type of home would vibe best with me? All valid questions and all of them, as I’ve stated, can be boiled right now to energy. If you operate under the notion that we’re all connected, all made up of particles beyond the physical, then there is no reason that picking the right car or choosing the right restaurant can’t be among the items on your spiritual watch-list.

And so this brings me back to buying a home. A few months back, this was the situation my husband and myself found ourselves in. It’s a sellers market right now and houses we were interested in were gone before we could even get a showing. We scoured the real estate listings, enlisted the help of my real estate relative and yet nothing felt right for our needs or our budget. This is where tarot came in.

One night after my son went to bed, we had a full-blown tarot date with the intention of illuminating what houses on our list were going to work for us. I established a simple 3-card spread so we didn’t have to spend too much time on each one and away we went. The spread works as follows.

Card 1 – Financial Implications
Card 3 – Familial/Emotional Implications
Card 4 – Social Implications

Basically, would this house a) work for us financially b) make us happy and work for our family on an emotional level and c) be inviting and conducive to hosting friends and family. We also worked out the numerological correspondence to each home based on its street address (p.s. I’m done with 4 homes!).

Well, it was a full night of investigating and after examining upwards of 15 houses that we had even the mildest of interest in, it was determined, by tarot, that none of them fit the bill! You’re probably thinking, “how could none of those homes be right?”, but I’m telling you, and my husband can attest, the same 5 cards kept coming up over and over again and my friends, they were no 10 of Cups!

What’s a couple to do? We’d exhausted our list and had no other prospects so I pulled one final card to get some damn advice on how we were supposed to find our perfect home. This is what we discovered.

The 5 of Wands: The market is saturated and in favour of the seller. Competition is steep meaning house prices are higher than we want to pay and going quicker than we’ve ever seen before. The advice? Get out of this situation! Go the backway where no one else is and slip into the market while everyone else fights over real estate we’re barely interested in anyway.

BINGO! New build!

The next day we made an appointment to meet with builders in the area which got us straight to the source and out of the market. There was only one lot left in the area we had our eye on and we wasted no time getting our first payment in order!

At the end of the day, we snagged our dream house. It’s a perfect layout and size for our needs and on top of that, we get to customize it exactly to our liking, which is perfect because we’re both terribly unhandy so revisions are a nightmare.

While the process was a bit frustrating, we did eventually end up with our answer. I hope some of these ideas are helpful for you whether you’re searching for a new home, a new car or an outfit to wear on Saturday night (hey, why not?). If you do try this technique or if you’ve done anything like this in the past, I’d love to hear about it!

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Julia Eve