Dawn of a New Day

You know when something just doesn't feel "right" anymore? Like, it doesn't jive, there is something off and while you don't have the exact words to explain why that's so, you know a change is brewing.

That's what I've been feeling and dealing with since late March. This feeling that my energy is scattered and my presence and offerings aren't exactly focused or packaged in a way that feels fully authentic.

When I first launched my spiritual services online at the beginning of 2016, I didn't have a clear plan. I've learned a lot over the last few months and most importantly, I've discovered what is it I like to do vs. what I love to do. For this reason, I've closed my Etsy shop and scaled my readings back to just a handful that are closest to my heart. They are now being offered directly through this website via paypal.

My focus over the next 6 months will be continuing to offer heartfelt readings while working on other projects including workshops, courses and other materials aimed toward learners.

I love tarot. I love what it's done for me over the years and I love sharing this passion with all of you. It's more than just a divination system; it's an art form, a communication tool and one of my greatest inspirations. And in the spirit of inspired progress, I needed to change in a way that I felt excited about. So here we are! And I'm so glad you're here with me, because it's my readers and this community that help keep me inspired and engaged every single day.