#tarotthursdaythree for 01/18/2017

It's Thursday and therefore, time for another round of #tarotthursday for mystical bloggers. This week's question set was contributed by one of my favourite Tarot gals, Ania, who you can find on her Instagram, YouTube, as well as over on her blog

If you're not familiar with the drill, read more about it here! For those who have been following along, the questions, as well as my responses, are after the cut.

1. If you could design your own tarot deck and have it mass-produced, what theme would it have and what would it look like overall?

Now that is the million dollar question, isn't it? The truth is, I'd love to produce a deck and I think at some point I will because I love that sort of creative work. I even got a decent way into a concept deck I'd been working on for sometime, but was met with some barriers where vision couldn't quite translate in the way I wanted it to. The thing is, if I knew what the deck would look like, I'd probably be on my way to making it already! Unfortunately, I don't have a clear answer to this yet. 

2. How do you feel about the Celtic Cross spread?

I'm taking a big deep breath on this one. Just the name "Celtic Cross" makes me feel anxious. I tried to make it work for me, a few times, and I think it could be effective under certain circumstances, but most inquiries don't require that level of depth. Also, I don't like the positional meanings for any of the variations of the spread that exist (of the ones I'm aware of). In my experience, I have far better results constructing spreads on my own, sometimes customizing them to the person or inquiry. This is a far better and more flexible approach for me. The Celtic Cross is like that square peg, round hole analogy - it just doesn't fit for most things! To me, and this is JUST my opinion, it is outdated and overrated. I have read passages in books which claim you *must* get accustomed with this spread as part of your practice, but just like with any aspect of practice, it's personal and should flex to what you are comfortable with. I stopped trying to force the Celtic Cross a long time ago. It's not to say I'll never use it, but it's certainly not a "go-to".

3. If you could have any deck in the whole world (that you do not already), which one would you pick and why? 

This is tough. I'm trying to be super blue skies about this question, but I keep coming back to the one deck that's been on my mind for the last year that I for some reason, have yet to acquire. That deck is the Starchild Tarot. It speaks to me, but between the price (with shipping) and the fact that it  tends to be sold out pretty much every time I look, has resulted in me not yet owning this deck. One day it will be mine, though. Oh yes, one day it will be mine.

Alright, that takes care of me, here's over to you :)