Upcoming Collaborative Course! Spirit Guides, Tarot, Journaling, Art & More!

Some of you who've been following along for some time may remember the Spirit Guide challenge I hosted in the summer. It was an intense 30 days of connecting deeply to one member of our spiritual team and the experience, and participation, exceeded even my expectations. I've been playing with the idea of bringing this content to you all in other, more dynamic forms and so when Kiala (journaling goddess of kialagivehand.com) approached me, it couldn't have been more synchronistic. I was literally putting pen to paper and outlining another course that I'm aiming to launch soon, when I saw an email very casually appear in my inbox - an invitation - and I just knew it was a sign. I immediately responded with a "YES" and since then, I've been plotting and planning, all with the intention of helping to elevate your understanding and connection with your spirit guide team. 

My class will be a LIVE session (recorded for those who can't be present) and will include group pulls, a guided meditation, step by step instructions for using tarot to meet your spirit guides, time for Q&A and LOTS more! You need zero knowledge of spirit guides or tarot to participate; just an open mind and curiosity and spirit will take care of the rest.

And if that were not exciting enough, I'll be sitting alongside a group of other inspiring and talented ladies from across the globe, all of whom bring their own flavour of art, journaling, tarot and magick! So when you sign up for my class, you get the whole darn package - a beautiful mix of creativity and spirituality, which really are the same thing anyway, aren't they? I do hope you'll join us! If you want to learn more, or enroll today, head on over to the school and get acquainted (keep scrolling down the page for full list of instructors)! I will continue to share more of what you can expect as we move closer to launch and until then, below are some quick and dirty FAQs.

When does it start? Classes begin February 27th and the entire course lasts one month.

When can I register? Starting NOW. You have until March 5th to receive the early bird special of $70 for all classes, curriculum and extra inclusions.

Who are the other teachers and what is their class content? There are 12 teachers in total all bringing their own topic with tarot, art and journalling in mind. For more details, follow the link and scroll down!

What if I can't be there for a live session? All sessions are recorded and so with any of the course content, you will have access to it at your leisure, on your own time.

What else does this course have to offer?
-a mixture of LIVE interactive classes and pre-recorded content
-year long access to all material
-a private Facebook community to connect with others, learn and share!

I'm so excited about this and so hope you'll join me for all the fun! See you when school starts!