#tarotthursdaythree for 01/26/2017

I swear I feel like it was just Thursday...doing this weekly exercise really does emphasize for me how quickly the weeks fly by. Yikes! Well, we're back and we have another 3 questions to dive into brought to you by the ever insightful Vanessa - you're definitely going to want to check out her website as well as her Instagram which is packed full of all sorts of gorgeousness! 

Alright, these questions are juicy so let's not waste any time. Also, they are themed around experiences of reading for others (professionally or not) and so if you do not read for others, you can always answer the questions hypothetically or flex them a bit to fit your practice.

You can view the questions and my answers under the cut.

1. What was your first time like giving an in-person reading? Where were you? How did you feel? Spill the deets!
This wasn't my first time reading for others, but I can't actually remember my first experience so I'll share this instead. There was this time when I was in high school and I was just getting back into Tarot. One of my best friend’s dad wanted a reading and so the two of them popped over to my house one day after school. I was all set up in my family's living room and it’s a bit foggy, but I remember whatever spread I did, it was circular. I think I used the RWS deck, but it could have been something else. Honestly, I hardly knew what I was doing, but there were a couple cards (I remember one of them being the 7 of Swords) that suggested there was some shady dealings going down. I told him it looked like someone in his circle, associated with some business transaction, wasn’t to be trusted. He reacted to this with something like “I knew it! How did you know that?” I was mostly thinking “Phew, I got it right!” - haha. I can’t say I walked away suddenly feeling like a confident reader, but it was a nice validation while growing with my practice.

2. Have you ever had a negative client response to one of your readings? How did they react and why? How did you respond back?
I’ve been pretty lucky in this area, actually (knock on wood). The worst response I’ve received was a polite “this didn’t really resonate” and that’s quite fair enough. Maybe I called it wrong, maybe it needs more time to sink in, there could be all sorts of factors at play. But, I didn’t (and wouldn’t) take this sort of feedback personally. Instead, I reached out and provided options - shall we try again or would you like a refund? Yes, I offered a refund (they didn’t accept), and I don’t think we should be afraid of this option if a client is not satisfied. Here’s why: The fact is, people don’t generally ask for a refund. Actually, I’ve NEVER been asked for one, so I’m not worried that it will be  taken advantage of. If it were a clause that was being taken advantage of, I’d reconsider my position of course. Secondly, it’s a gesture that tells people “I care about your satisfaction toward the service I’m providing and I believe in it so much that I’m willing to put my money on the line.” So yes, if someone were to express genuine dissatisfaction with a reading, I would like the opportunity to make it right - in whatever way made the most sense to the situation.

One other caveat: When I started doing readings online, the worst thing I would receive after sending one out was silence. Silence isn’t bad, I learned, but as this was a new venture, selfishly, I wanted feedback and validation. When I didn’t get it, I assumed the worst. Here is the thing, not everyone will respond nor should you expect them to and if someone does reach out, treat it like a happy exception. The truth is, there are all sorts of reasons someone fails to reach out. Maybe it doesn’t even occur to them to do so; they purchased a product, they received it, case closed. Perhaps they’re still sitting with the information and need some time to reflect. Maybe they’re just busy, like everyone else, and they never got around to it! No one is obligated to review your work. If they do, good or bad, consider it a positive gesture and assume otherwise that no news is good news.

3. Have you ever been challenged by a skeptic regarding tarot? What was your experience like?
Not in any serious way. I remember someone I used to work with would make comments now and then just to try to provoke a response, but it never really escalated. I think if someone were to challenge me, and they were reasonable, I would simply tell them what I do, why I do it, and what my philosophy is regarding it. I am perfectly happy to agree to disagree with folks about it. I don’t need people to believe and I’m not here to be tested, questioned or to serve those who aren’t open. Perhaps I can come back to this question when and if I have a more relevant experience and in the meantime, this is another instance where i’ve been pretty lucky. Even members of my family who are “skeptical” like me to read for them and are respectful of it when I do.

See ya'll next week!