Soundtrack Through The Arcana - The Devil


Happy Capricorn season! To honour the day (also my Birthday!!) I'm diving into the next installment of Soundtrack Through The Arcana with The Devil - which just happens to correspond with the sign Capricorn, so it seemed extra fitting.

There are some of these entries that I've struggled with. And I know there will be more in the future that will have me scouring my collection and beyond to find a song that fits to my liking. The Devil, however, is not one of those cards. I knew since I began this series what song would occupy this spot, and I've never once wavered on that decision.

So, what song holds the honour? Keep reading to find out...


The Devil
Song: You and Me and Rainbows
Artist: The Tear Garden
Album: Tired Eyes Slowly Burning

This song is an epic roller coaster of an experience. I've selected it because of some of the themes it touches on, addiction for example. It also, at points, sounds like it was literally recorded in the pits of hell. It's difficult to explain so I suggest you just take a listen. Make sure you have 17 minutes to spare though because that's how long this track lasts.

You’re number eight. Your name is Jane, with black hair, braids, and black lines around your eyes... Shades to hide your habit. I don’t know your age, though you guessed mine
Aiming skewers at the sheep... face down, asleep in onion fields. The frying fields. The worms... they peep through holes which once were eyes. They thrive... they bake although we painted out the sky and the sun
The shadows flexing, licking toes, and blinding as slowly sun sets on the same old hill. The same red glow. We’re quite alone - just you and me and rainbows.

I hope you've enjoyed this installment! As always, the updated playlist is below. Feel free to have a listen or follow along!

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