Updates & Additions

Just a quickie post to highlight a handful of updates and additions!

For starters, there is a new download available in the Freebies section all around dreamwork. It’s essentially an amended guide from the challenge Nisha and myself hosted back in November. The PDF contains tips for dream recall, information on altered states of dream consciousness, crystals, spreads for dream analysis and a template to help you with journaling. 

I’ve also added a new reading style to my services page that may be of interest. It’s called “Choices” and you can find it under the Themed Email Readings section. This one is designed to examine the energy of two paths with the the goal of assisting in the decision making process. It will highlight positives, negatives and the possible culmination of where each choice may lead. It’s an excellent option to shine a light when you’re at a crossroads, and while I can’t tell you which path is "better", understanding the surrounding energy may help you know what’s right for you.

Pull Pen Paint is also fast approaching, so for those who are interested, you still have until March 5th to catch the early bird special. There are 12 teachers in total delivering modules on topics of their choice with art, journaling, tarot and spirituality in mind.  I recently did a guest blog post on exploringlyyours.com all about my topic of choice, so if you want a little sneak peak at what the course will elaborate on, you can read all up on Spirit Guides and start to understand methods to connect this energy with your current practice.

That's all for now. To connect with me and learn more about what I'm working on and sharing in the moment, you find me on Instagram.

Until next time...