#tarotthursdaythree for 03/02/2017

Hello Tarot and Mystical Bloggers! It's March, can you believe it? I don't know about in your corner of the world, but here, something about the air is making it feel rather Springish. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Either way, it's definitely Thursday, so that means it's time for another round of #tarotthursdaythree. This question set has us going back in time to relive what it was that got us into Tarot. What sparked our interest? Was it what we thought it would be? How did it defy our expectations and how do we primarily use it now? 

If you are a Tarot blogger or enthusiast and want to take a crack at answering these questions, just copy and paste them into your own forum and share away. If you have no idea what this is all about, but want to learn more, you can read about it here. And as for my answers, you can find those after the cut.

1. What was it that initially sparked your interest with Tarot? 

It’s hard to say when it landed on my radar. While my childhood home was filled with all sorts of weird metaphysical tools and books, there weren't any tarot decks kicking around. But for some reason, I got it in my head when I was just about 10 years old that I wanted one. It was an unexplainable desire. I didn’t know anything about them; their history or structure, but I thought if I could just get my hands on a deck, I’d have all the answers to like, the universe (haha hahahah ahh).

2. Is it what you expected it to be and if not, in what ways were your expectations defied?

It is not what I expected, no. In my defense, I was 10 and really didn’t have realistic expectations nor the life experience to be able to understand the basic meanings of the cards or how they could apply to me. I loved them though; leafing through them and attempting to learn all the spreads in the books I had. I realized pretty quickly that it was much more difficult than I thought it would be and also, shockingly, I still did not have all the answers to the universe. So that was a major bummer.
I ended up dropping it for a long time, picking it back up here and there between high school and college and while there were many periods where my decks went unused, returning to them always felt like coming home. I realized I didn’t have to have them mastered; that my love for them could be sustained simply by the way they felt in my hands or the way they intrigued and sparked my curiosity and wonder. So while it was so very disappointing that they couldn’t answer all my burning questions, I also couldn’t have anticipated just how inspiring they would be regardless of this.

3. How do you primarily use Tarot? I.e. for divination, self-reflection, analysis, shadow work, ritual (or something else)?

I use it for divination, but I really stress probability with myself and others. For example, “this may happen based on energy and current trajectory, but the future is not carved in stone”. I also think it’s great for energy analysis, meaning I use it to assess what is happening energetically around people or situations or even ideas. As an empath, this works really well for me. What are people thinking? How are they feeling? In what ways are they being held back? How can they overcome the barriers present? I think tarot is a tool and a mirror and it should seek to provide solutions, positive results and direct advice. I always focus on development over static predictions because this is what I’m better at, naturally. I also think it’s the more helpful approach. Like, very fun to find out I’m going to get an unexpected phone call or win a trip to Aruba, but how can I grow? In what ways am I blocked? How can I get the most bang for my buck out of this existence? I don’t know, maybe that trip to Aruba is the answer…

That's a wrap for this week. See ya'll next Thursday for another round!