#tarotthursdaythree for 03/16/2017

It's Thursday, so that means it's time for another round of #tarotthursdaythree.

As always, this exercise is open to all bloggers with an interest in the metaphysical and so if you would like to take a crack at answering these questions, just copy and paste into your own forum and away you go!

Let's just get right to it then, shall we?

1. Classic deserted island scenario: You're stranded for a year on an island, but can bring along one companion. Who from the court family keeps you company?

Let's face it - I'd be useless in any scenario that included a deserted island, the apocalypse or weekend camping, for example. So, I'm going to need someone strong, with lots of energy and common sense who can tell, like, the difference between a good berry and a killer berry ... or whatever kind of food is available on uninhabited islands. For this reason, I'd bring the King of Wands; resourceful and confident - this king is the kind to take charge and lead the way. And since I do not know how to survive these sorts of outdoor adventure situations, I'm gonna need someone to build a hut, forage for food and figure out how to make indoor plumbing a thing. Reasonable expectations and I'm sure the King of Wands is up to the challenge!

2. What are off-limit topics for you; inquiries that make you say "I won't go there"? Or is anything fair game?

I definitely have questions that are off limits and I've had to, on more than one occasion, create boundaries and rephrase inquiries to flex to something I feel more comfortable with. The following is a list of "won't go theres" - please keep in mind this list may not be conclusive. Also, I wrote a post sometime back about drawing such lines and boundaries, so you can read more about that if you wish!
a) Health. I am not a health professional so I am not qualified to tell you if that persistent itch is something you  need to be more concerned about.
b) Prying. While discussion of others may unfold in relation to your reading, I won't outright answer the question "what is so and so thinking?" or "what's happening in so and so's life?" Why do you even want to know that, anyway?
c) Circumstances that I feel are very serious in nature. It's hard to capture everything that may qualify in this category. I can think of some examples I've had, but I don't feel comfortable to share them. So, we'll just keep this vague and hopefully you can use your imagination.
d) This doesn't so much qualify with clients who I don't know or who I've only had one encounter with, but for those who ask the same question over and over again, I would say "I'm done going there". The better question is, why do you keep asking the same question? 
e) If I suspect there is something bigger going on or if the person needs support that is outside the score of Tarot, then I may shut down the reading and refer them elsewhere or suggest they reach out for more specialized support - in the kindest way possible, of course.

3. How do you get "in the mood" or mind-frame to read?

There is definitely something to be said for "setting the stage" - I actually wrote a post about this too awhile back. What is setting the stage? It's having access to my favourite tools, adjusting the environment, lighting my favourite incense and sitting in meditation for a bit before I start. I've started putting on meditation music in the background using the Insight Timer app, which is actually such a nice touch. There is this Ocean Waves one that I go to all the time and it really has a way of getting me in the zone. Sometimes before I read, I don't necessarily feel ready or in the mood or whatever. However, I have readings to do and so I have to get in that zone, but the amazing thing about tarot is that even if I don't feel perfectly in the mood before I start, as soon as I go through those above steps, everything shifts. I've never sat down for a reading and continued that reading thinking "I wish I wasn't doing this right now". And rest assured, if that was my mentality, I would walk away from the cards and come back at a better time because no one  needs to be on the receiving end of a reading like that!

That's a wrap, ya'll. See you next week!