#tarotthursdaythree for 03/22/2017

I am officially late to my own party here, but I'm placing no expectations to actually answer these questions on time. So far I've been pretty timely, but this week, there's just been a lot going on and a gal has got to prioritize. But now is time and so let's get to it - the #tarotthursdaythree for this third week in March - enjoy!

1. Scenario: You're reading for another, but your mind goes blank. None of the cards seem to "match" the inquiry and you're having a hard time interpreting what you're seeing - tips or strategies to overcome the situation?

I rarely have this problem when I'm doing remote email readings, however, every so often with the combined pressure of having someone RIGHT THERE, the mind can do funny things. I've learned though that this "going blank" has nothing to do with the cards and what they aren't saying and has everything to do with my own blocks and anxiety. And just knowing that, helps me work through this conundrum. So, I take a deep breath. I reassure myself that no one but me gives a shit about my process so I should take my time and do what I need to do to capture the message. Then, I look at the whole of the landscape and I find something that I can grasp on to. I use that as my focal point and build the story around the pieces that do make sense. If a card is really throwing me, I describe what I see in the card and what I know of the card and I will engage the querent - ask them questions to help me understand how the card may fit into the larger puzzle. But mostly it's not the card or the question - it's me - and I just need to take a breath and a moment and with that I usually find my way. Oh, and being grounded. Being in the moment and grounded really helps a lot in keeping those messages flowing!

2. If you were going to get a Tarot inspired tattoo, what would it be? Bonus points if you know where you'd get it!

Million dollar question. I know one day I will get a tarot inspired tattoo, but I will probably flip flop on the specifics of the design until the moment when I actually decide it's going to happen. I'm so in love with the Fountain Tarot and am so smitten with its beauty that I may lean toward an image from that deck - The Tower, The Star, The High Priestess, The Moon - I think any of those would translate well. This is seriously such a hard decision...

3. What are your thoughts on PIPs or scene-less suit cards? Love them, hate them - I want to know what and why!

I am not a massive fan of scene-less suits, but I don't mind decks that teeter the edge of PIP and full scenery, such as the Pagan Otherworlds. With that being said, I can appreciate the positives of pure PIPS. One being that I think it would really challenge you to rely more on intuitive flashes and two being that it would really place even more focus and significance on the Majors. Like, if a Major showed up in a sea of PIPS, that Major is going to POP and perhaps allow the reading to focus more on that area of soul concern/development. Anyway, I'm a real serious RWS enthusiast and I love what Pamela Coleman Smith brought to the suits in that regard. I'm not sure I could live without the storyboard, so the more scenes to build the tale, the better for me!

And that's a wrap. See you next week for another round!