#tarotthursdaythree for 04/27/2017

This weekend has been non-stop. Among many other things, I spent a number of hours finishing up the videos for my Magick Manifestation course, which is available May 3rd.  I've learned a lot through this process, one thing being that making videos is HARD and also, exhausting! Phew! So, now I'm taking a big deep breath in the form of a time out while these videos upload, and finally allowing myself to get around to answering this week's #tarotthursdaythree.

Alright, let's get to it then, shall we?

1. Do you have certain decks that you only use for specific purposes?

Most of my decks are fair game, however, I do have a couple that are in some ways, "reversed". My most reserved deck is the Radiant Rider Waite Smith. I use this deck solely for communication with spirit guides - whether I'm reading for myself or others. I actually made this decision before ever owning the deck. It was around the time I was devising my Meet Your Spirit Guide system and I felt called to select a deck to use just for this purpose. For some reason, I decided that the Radiant Rider Waite would be it (the bright colours really spoke to me), so I zipped over to Amazon and it was at my door just a couple days later. I love it for this purpose and the colours to me represent the vibrant and vivid world that our spirit guides occupy; more colourful and full of life than this particular dimension.

Other than that example, I don't have any decks that are quite as reserved. With that being said, I only use my Halloween Oracle around Halloween or the month of October. As well, I find my Cosmic Tarot to be wonderful for addressing relationship queries so I tend to use it for this when the need arises. Oh, and my Archangel Power Tarot I use specifically for Angel readings. But those examples I'm a lot more flexible with.

2. When reading for another, in person, do you have them shuffle the deck at any point? why or why not?

I used to, but not anymore. I don't have any superstitions about people touching my deck or handling them, but I have a fairly specific shuffling procedure and so I just like to handle it. I'm a bit of a control freak in that regard. Also, I do the majority of my readings remotely so I've gotten pretty used to the fact that in those cases, I don't even have the option of having the querent shuffle.

3. As a reader, what would make  you (or why do you) seek intuitive services of another?

I rarely get readings done for myself these days. Even when I have friends offer to read for me, I tend to struggle with a question. With that being said, if there was a specific skill that someone had that was beyond what my skill-set includes, that would definitely make me reach out. For example, mediumship readings or Akashic Record readings. Also, if I felt very bias toward an issue and couldn't trust myself to interpret beyond that bias, I'd definitely seek the services of another reader.

I'd love to hear how you would respond to these questions. If you feel called to have a crack at them, just copy and paste into your own forum and answer away!

See you next week!