#tarotthursdaythree for 04/06/2017

It's the very first #tarotthursdaythree for the month of April and I'm fashionably late! I'm going to make these answers pretty snappy this week - so don't get too comfy, you won't be here long.

1. What is your favourite type of inquiry to address for others? i.e. relationship, self development, life path/purpose etc.

For sure, anything in the realm of self-development and life path and purpose. I love helping people align themselves to their joys and passions and see their path as being always linked to these two things. I find naturally in my readings, especially if a question hasn't been posed, these are the sorts of items that tend to rise to the surface anyway.

2. Tarot certification - is this necessary? Would you pursue it (or have you) and overall thoughts on the matter?

I do not have any sort of Tarot certification and I'm not sure I ever felt totally compelled to pursue this. I'm self taught and yes, that is a bit like going the long way, but I'm comfortable with my journey and lack of accreditation. I'm not sure I'm necessarily anti-certification, just that it isn't for everyone, nor does anyone need to receive this in order to go forth with their practice. 

3. Self-appreciation time! What, in your opinion, is your greatest strength as a reader? 

I learned fairly quickly that aside from book meanings and intuitive messages, I am able to really easily see how cards bleed and blend into one another. I call it "reading in the flow" or taking a bird's eye view. Think of it like reading the cards as if they were a story without words. How does card one mimic the actions of card two? What does it mean to have repeated imagery among many of the cards? Why is that character turning his back to what's happening in the card next to him? Body language and interaction is a massive part of the way I read and something that comes very naturally to me so I would consider this one of my greatest strengths.

See, I told you this would be quick and painless! See you next week :)

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