#tarotthursdaythree for 05/04/2017

This marks the first #tarotthursdaythree for May and like the last 3 editions, I'm late to the party! This time, I think I have a good excuse though. This week has been a total whirlwind - first in the frenzy that was putting final touches on Manifestation Magick and launching it to the public. Second was being overcome by some terrible, I don't know, food poisoning or bug. whatever it was, it wasn't nice, but I'm over it now and everything finally feels a bit slower, so I guess it's time to post!

This week, the question set has a bit of a different flavour. Instructions are as such: For the following questions, either answer by consciously selecting your cards or shuffling and then drawing. Don't feel limited to court cards or Majors either! The minors could make for very legitimate and relevant selections here!

1. Who were you three years ago?

4 of Cups. What a downer, eh? The truth is, I was bored and without direction; feeling less than bad - nothing at all. I knew something was missing, but I didn't have the energy nor drive to look up long enough to see what it was. It took a Iot of soul searching and non stop inner movement to find a new way of being and living in the world. It's a constant work in progress, but even in my worst moments, I'm no longer the 4 of Cups.

2. Who are you now?

3 of Wands. Facing forward and constantly seeking the next thing, still in line with the ultimate thing, of course. I'm less afraid to go for it. Not just plan (a la 2 of Wands), but actually make something of the plan. My one challenge with this card is that there is a lot of focus on "what's next?" so I do need to still ground myself in the present, honour the now and allow myself space to breath in between moves.

3. Who are you striving to be?

Queen of Pentacles. Comfort, confidence, ease. I feel like this bitch really has it all together and makes it look stupid easy, at that. 

So, who were you 3 years ago, who are you now and who are you striving to be? Comment below or make your own blog post and share your answers! I'd love to hear them!