#tarotthursdaythree for 05/25/2017 & 06/01/2017

I am officially behind on two #tarotthursdaythrees and so I'm combining the last two into one super quickie post. I'm also going to make the announcement in this entry that I'll be moving #tarotthursdaythree to a monthly exercise. It's a lot to maintain weekly and I need to focus my energy on other endeavors at this time. I'll explain more about the new format on Instagram this week.


1. How do oracle cards fit into your practice (if at all)?

Oracle absolutely fits into my practice, but it took me awhile to warm up to it, truth be told. I still much prefer tarot, but I will often use oracle to compliment a reading, add an extra layer or provide an inspiring or hopeful message at the end. I basically never do oracle-only readings. To me, oracle is a way to add to a tarot reading, but tarot is always the main component.

2. What is your most used oracle deck (if applicable)?

I've experimented with a few but by far, Wisdom of the Oracle is my most used deck. I find that it is so versatile and always provides really straightforward responses no matter what the question.

3. For those who do work with oracle, how do you select which oracle deck you’ll use for any given reading?

I go with my gut. This is why I don't allow my clients to select the deck I work with. I wait until I'm "in the zone" and then I use the decks that call to me in that moment. I approach both tarot and oracle in this way.


1. What was the first tarot book you read or owned?

The first book I had was the guidebook that came with my first deck, the Servants of the Light. It was a bit over my head as a 10 year old and so I quickly picked up a second book called Tarot in 10 Minutes. I used this to learn as much as I could at that time. It was friendly enough for a young child and I wish I still had it!

2. What is your most referenced tarot book currently?

Holistic Tarot is basically the only tarot book I reference at the moment. It's not that I need a reminder on what the card's mean, but I do enjoy Benebell's perspective and general philosophy and so I will go back to it and reread portions now and again.

3. If you could recommend one tarot book for beginners, what would it be?

See above. I'd recommend Holistic Tarot to any beginner because it is a straight shooting approach to tarot that leaves just about no stone unturned. 

Boom. Done. I promise never to fall this behind again.

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