Tarot Exercise - Spot The Commonalities

Yesterday I posted a photo on Instagram as a sort of "reading in the flow" exercise. I asked other readers what similarities the cards had and what they felt it meant when reading the three cards holistically. The point of the exercise was to step back from standard text book definitions and let the imagery tell the tale. I also refer to this type of reading as taking a bird's eye view and it's a process that can really allow our intuition to swoop in and take over.

I was really thrilled with the feedback and loved that some users had pointed out aspects of the cards that I hadn't even picked up on first glance myself. It really illustrates the unique perspective we all bring and the many layers that the cards can create. I won't tell you what I saw or what others saw just yet though. Before I get to that, have a look at the image below for yourself and tell me what you see. Here are some prompts to get things flowing:

What is similar about the cards?
What is different about the cards?
Is there any imagery or symbolism repeating?
What feelings do the cards evoke?

If you can begin to answer these questions, you'll come to see that you can interpret 3 cards without ever looking at a book or relying on memory alone. Of course, standard definitions may apply and with them, you can add a whole other layer of information and complexity. 

Okay, now that you've had some time to reflect on what you've observed and come to some of your own conclusions - let's see what others had to say. Lots of fabulous insight here btw!

"None of the faces are visible, downward gaze. Possibly related to focusing on the past. The 6 and 10 are also supersubconcious cards!" -tarotbycherelle

"I'm reading loss, grief or new beginnings on this one." -lunarlilith

"I immediately noticed that all of the gazes are down and onward. I also noticed that in the 6 of Swords the figure is crossing the water and in the 10 of Wands the figure is crossing land. But, in the 5 of Cups, the forward action is totally stopped and you can see a stretch of land and then water behind as if the figure is surveying the journey the have just been on." -inhausdivine

"My first thought was how it felt like the last card was looking back to the water and hope that the card brought up. I also noticed that only water is visible in the first. Only land in the second and these elements have meshed in the final card." -cosmic.creeper

Everything from body posture to emotion to assessing the landscape and elements they conveyed was broached. I hardly have anything to add except to maybe emphasize the fact that every character in the above set of cards has their back completely turned. It is as if we (the reader) and perhaps the querent (imaginary in this case) can't quite see where they are headed. Perhaps there is reluctance or resistance on their part or perhaps, they aren't yet meant to know what is to come. Blind faith? Trust in self and intuition? Whatever the case, full awareness seems lacking, but one thing is for certain - with all those backs turned - the past in this case is begging to be abandoned.

As you can see, this is a perfect example of reading tarot without needing to know a thing about what each specific card traditionally means. I'd love to hear your thoughts or observations. Did you interpret this as others or I did? Do you have another layer to add? Leave a comment below!

Til next time...