#tarotthursdaythree for 07/06/2017

Welcome to #tarotthursdaythree - a monthly blogging exercise where anyone within the metaphysical community is invited to grab the question set and answer for themselves on their own blog or social media account.

So, if you're a blogger or active on social media (whatever platform) and want to play along, just copy and paste the questions in your own forum and answer away!

This question set was inspired by what is becoming a common occurrence with some of my tools - particularly pendulums! You see, I just can't seem to keep these babies in tact. And just the other day, it happened again. I only asked 3 questions for 1 person and the next day, the damn thing broke. See exhibit A below.


Now with that in mind, here are this week's questions followed by my responses!

1. Have you ever experienced anything unusual or undesirable while reading tarot or engaging in other divinatory practices?

Well, you already know the answer to that! My pendulums keep breaking, dammit! On top of that, I've had other crystals and altar items go wonky for apparently no reason. One day, for example, I came home from work. I was living in my parent's basement at the time while my home was being built and the make shift altar I'd set up was completely askew. Like, the table was moved away from the wall, my frame was knocked over and shit was everywhere. There was also a massive beetle looking bug on one of the frames. I will carry on with the assumption that my cat saw the bug and went after the thing making a mess of my set up - but even still, creepy as hell.

When I finally moved into my home, I had left some items on the floor in the spare bedroom after a night of reading. The next morning, I walked in to find that one of my glass viles (on a carpeted floor) was smashed with all the selenite that was in it now scattered about. I have no good rationale for this one.

And the other incidents involve 2 pendulums that decided to splint in half after use. Rather than assume foul play, I will air on the side of poor design OR perhaps if we're going with a supernatural cause, it was a build up of energy that needed somewhere to go and so - combust! Or perhaps I'm just not meant to work with a pendulum...

Other than this though, I've not experienced anything that has made me uncomfortable or want to stop doing what I do. I'm sure there are logical reasons for these occurrences and even if it supernatural, I'm not afraid in any way of lower energy causing any real harm. I simply have no time for that shit.

2. Do you have any beliefs or fears when it comes to lower energy beings showing up for your sessions?

I certainly believe in beings of all levels of energy and I don't think all guides and messengers are equally as "good" at what they do. But, I don't have any fear of it. My belief is that my intention attracts what I need and so without even so much as saying it, my invitation is always directed to the energy that resonates and vibrates at a high frequency. Basically, lower energy vibes simply aren't invited to the party. And, even if they manage to sneak through the door and steal a couple drinks, I got really good team of bouncers and they'll boot their asses asap - sorry, dudes.

3. What, if any, protective measures do you take prior to or during your practice?

I don't like to spend too much time talking about or thinking about not being in a state of protection. What I mean is, I always assume I'm protected. I may emphasize this point when I'm entering a reading, but it's not like that protective shield starts and stops with the session. It's a constant state that extends and stays put. I don't need protection - I am protected - always.
This may sound overly simplistic, but it works for me.

Now, over to you! I want to know what experiences you have had and what measures you take if any to keep any weirdness in check.