News & Updates!

Happy Sunday!

This is a quick housekeeping post to keep you all in the know of what's happening around here. I'll format it to bullet points because that equals efficiency, right?

  1. Newsletter: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who signed up for Monthly Magick so far! It means the world to me that you want to keep in touch. For those on the list and wondering, you'll receive the first issue at the end of this month with subsequent issues to follow suit - end of the month. You can still sign up for this if you haven't already. New subscribers receive an exclusive discount!
  2. Live Readings: I've added a new way to connect with me that's a bit unconventional, but hear me out. I may not have the ability to set up shop in a physical location on a regular basis, but there is no reason I can't take this concept and create a virtual equivalent (sort of). Basically, as my availability allows, I'll jump on to perform live chat readings on a first come-first serve basis. No schedules, no waiting for days - just instant answers. There are obviously pros and cons of any method, but there is something really thrilling about logging on and allowing whoever needs guidance in that moment to find me and get just that. You can read more about it here!

That's all for now - see, I told you it would be quick! Now go back to enjoying your weekend - you deserve it :)