Not Your Normal Chakra Reading


I’ve been trying to embody the Firefly from the Animal Spirit oracle, meaning that I’m following those divine moments of inspiration whenever they arrive. Today, I felt inspired to create a new technique for consulting the cards that allows us to tap into our energetic centres. I’ve done plenty of Chakra readings in the past, and they would take a fairly straightforward approach; 7 cards fore each centre with a little bit of insight sprinkled in.

I’m still going to use 7 cards, but I felt called to tap into the elemental energy of the tarot to devise a new method. One that will both highlight what is happening in that centre, along with what we need to to know to enhance or improve it. Let me explain…

To begin, you’re going to break your deck out into 7 sections, making 7 piles as follows:

One pile with just the Major Arcana (22 cards total - unless you have a deck that throws in an extra arcana here)
One pile with just the Aces (4 cards total)
One pile with just the Court Characters (16 cards total)
One pile with just the Pentacles (9 cards total)
One pile with just the Swords (9 cards total)
One pile with just the Wands (9 cards total)
One pile with just the Cups (9 cards total)

Now take your piles and order them as such:

Pentacles, Aces, Wands, Cups, Swords, Court Characters, Major Arcana.

Pile by pile, you’re going to shuffle so that you have one card from each pile drawn, 7 cards in total. I would suggest allowing for reversals as those will come to mean something extra which I will highlight shortly.


With your 7 cards now drawn, one from each pile, you will begin to interpret them as such.

Card 1 from the Pentacle pile represents your Root Chakra. It suggests how you can improve or maintain stability in your life.

Card 2 from the Aces pile represents your Sacra Chakra. It showcases which element will aid you in lighting that creative spark to invite in more inspiration and passion.

Card 3 from the Wands pile represents your Solar Plexus Chakra. It demonstrates how you can embody confidence and express your will.

Card 4 from the Cups pile represents your Heart Chakra. It depicts that which you should allow in, release, feel or heal.

Card 5 from the Swords pile represents your Throat Chakra. It highlights what you need to know in order to acknowledge and speak your truth.

Card 6 from the Court Characters pile represents your Third Eye Chakra. It shows you whose eyes you should seek to see through or see with. In other words, what sorts of attributes will allow you to see more clearly (both tangibly and psychically).

Card 7 from the Major Arcana pile represents your Crown Chakra. It delivers a final message to you from divinity or your higher self.

After you’ve read the cards as suggested above, you can now look to your landscape to assess the state of any given Chakra. You can do this totally intuitively or lean on the cards to light the way. Here are some suggestions you may find helpful.

  • A reversed card may indicate a blockage or that the centre is either over or


  • A challenging card may indicate an overactive or under-active centre.

  • An upright card that is mostly positive may indicate the centre is functioning optimally at this time.

  • The colours on the card themselves may have clues as well. If you pull a card that depicts a lot of red and it lands in the Root spot, that may indicate that the card is at home and therefore the centre is functioning well. For reference, the colour associations are as follows:

    • Root - Red

    • Sacral Chakra - Orange

    • Solar - Yellow

    • Heart - Green

    • Throat - Light Blue

    • Third Eye - Indigo

    • Crown - Purple (or white)

And that is about it, my friends! It may look a bit complicated on paper, but it’s actually fairly simple once you’ve got all your piles sorted. I hope it clicks with you and that you use it with positive results! If you do, I’ve love to hear about it! Also, if you want me to take a look at your Chakras using this method, you can purchase this reading from me for $35.

Until next time,
Julia Eve