Freebie - Empowering Prompts Through The Major Arcana

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We often turn to the cards to tell us what we need to know, but through a different lens, the cards can serve as a reflection - a mirror - or a tool for us to deep dipper and ask questions rather than seek answers.

This can be especially helpful if you draw a card that you’re having difficulty deciphering. Consider that you have blind spots. Consider that you come at the cards with bias and unknowing. We only see what we are ready to see and when the cards aren’t “clear” it could be because we aren’t in a place to receive what’s being offered. Then what? Whether I’m reading for myself or others, in these moments I often pause and rephrase the advice I wish I could reach as a question not yet uncovered. This is especially true if a card seems particularly out of place in the reading. Maybe that oddly placed Emperor showing up in a reading about love isn’t saying your relationship is rigid but rather, is asking you in what ways do you build walls or conversely, not create boundaries clearly enough?

How To Use These Prompts: For starters, I’ve included both a Sun and Shadow prompt to allow for reversals. This means you can address each card from both an upright and shadow perspective. In terms of using this guide, you could answer them one by one for yourself simply as an act of exploration. Or, you can wait until a card appears in a reading that throws you off or requires an alternative perspective. Or, you can isolate the Major Arcana cards from your deck and throw it to spirit, asking “what is it I need to answer for myself today?” and let the cards dictate where you draw your attention.

Oh, one more thing. You’ll notice I have small phrases underneath each card. These were derived during a blackout poetry session that I performed with a copy of the Pictorial Key to the Tarot. Essentially, I went card by card and scratched out everything Waite had written until I could drill the card down to one or two lines that I felt either captured or re-imagined its essence.

Please enjoy this extra layer, along with the prompts, and as with anything, please also be empowered to change any questions you don’t resonate with or simply add some of your own.

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Happy Seeking,
Julia Eve ❤