2018 By The Numbers: Personal Year vs. The Collective


Post script: I have created personal year guidebooks for 2018 for all numbers. You can swipe up yours by joining me on Patreon at the $3 and up Tier.

My introduction to personal year numbers was a few years ago at a psychic fair. I sat with a skilled intuitive for a reading, and the first thing she did was very matter-of-factually inform me that I'd be heading into a personal year 7. While I was familiar with life path numbers and other facets of numerology, I had no idea what a 7 meant in the context of my year ahead. She went on to explain: The coming year for me would be less about the stuff and more about solidifying my connection with myself and the divine. It was a time for introspection, reflection and receptivity. Man, was she ever right...

Since that introduction to the personal year number, it's become a bit of a ritual to spend some time in December calculating my year ahead on both a personal and collective level. And that's what this post is really all about. Calculating your year ahead number, embracing the collective shift, and providing a brief overview of what it all means.

So to start, let's break down how we arrive at our personal year numbers. We'll start by taking our month of birth, our day of birth and the year we're moving into. I'll use my mom's birthday as an example. She was born May 11 and we're heading into 2018, so the calculation would look like this: 5+1+1+2+0+1+8 = 18. Then, 1+8=9. So my mom is heading into a personal year 9 in 2018! (remember, you want to keep reducing until you get to a single digit!)

Hopefully that was easy to follow along with! Once you have your personal year number calculated, use the chart below to help understand what that may mean for you. I've used keywords, a brief description and a tarot card association to help weave it all together. Below that, I'll share a little bit about what the collective may experience in 2018, based on this system.

Number Keywords Description Tarot Association
1 beginnings, innovation, fresh start This is the start of a new, 9 year cycle. This year represents beginnings above all else. Now is a great time to set intentions and goals for the year and years to come. All things are possible, so set your sights on what you truly want to achieve at this time. Magician
2 cooperation, partnership, balance 2 years are excellent for cultivating harmonious and balanced relationships of all types. Whether they be romantic, familial or business partnerships - our dealings with people on an interpersonal level will be a primary concern. High Priestess
3 creation, friendship, energy 3 years can be expansive and expressive, and often involve a lot of opportunity both socially and creatively. This is not the year to hide away and deeply reflect (though there is always a time and place for this too) rather, this is the time to put yourself out there and shine in the company of like-minded and supportive folks. Empress
4 structure, foundation, organization 4 years are a great time to slow down and focus on creating solid structures and organizing our lives through consistent work and progress. This year is about building the foundation for the years to come, based on what has been so far established from the last 3 years. Also keep in mind that in year 5, you’ll be embarking on transition and so it’s extra important to establish solid ground with which to catch your footing when things begin to shake up next year. Emperor
5 action, change, configuration 5 years tend to bring a lot of change energy. This could mean transitions whether they be related to personal development, relationships or school/career. Expect the unexpected but also, be open to the excitement and adventure that change can bring. Resisting what is necessary will only create undue challenge and heartache, so allow what needs to adapt and shift to do just that. Hierophant
6 harmony, responsibility, committment 6 years place the focus on home, family and all matters of domesticity. This may not be the most exciting year in the cycle, but coming off the back of a dynamic year 5, a nice break to focus on what makes you feel happy, healthy and secure may be more than welcome. Lovers
7 reflection, introspection, divinity 7 years are like a 12-month study of self. This is not a year where materialistic or external influences come into play. Right now, it’s all about going deep within, being reflective and introspective and becoming more aligned with the higher self. Activities such as journaling, meditation or other solo-creative acts would be of great benefit at this time. Chariot
8 results, movement, power In year 8, you reap what you sow. If you wish to receive reward, recognition or that big promotion - all is possible however, you must put in the effort. After a reflective year 7, you’re ready to take what you’ve learned and put your ambitions out there for all the world to see. Strength
9 attainment, completion, taking stock The 9 year is the end of the cycle. Now is a time to take note and take stock. Whether it’s people, attitudes, projects or otherwise, be clear about what you want to take with you and what you want to set aside before the next 9 year cycle begins. Doing this will put you in a prime position to truly forge your year 1 with the fresh start and clean slate it desires. Hermit

Now that you've had a chance to review your personal year number, let's examine the collective. To determine that number, all we meed to do is add all the digits of the year together. So, 2018 becomes 2+0+1+8 which equals 11 and from there, 1+1=2. So, that means the collective year number is 2!

Because 2 years are about partnership, cooperation and balance, these may be important themes for us all to keep in mind as we navigate the next 12 months. The other thing to ask yourself is, how does my personal year number interact with the collective? If you are a personal year 5, then the energy of dynamic change and configuration, may be especially relevant as it relates to the relationships in your life. If you are a personal year 9, like my mom in the example above, then examining where partnerships are working and where they are not may be a critical factor. 

So, what is your personal year number and what does it mean to you? How can you prepare for the shift? How does it interactive with the collective energy or even, the energy you'll be leaving behind in 2017? These are all points to consider or even journal if you're feeling fancy!

I hope you've enjoyed this overview and introduction to the personal year and collective number, and that it's provided a bit of insight to help empower you in the year ahead.

With love,
Julia Eve