Spirit Guides: Connecting With Our Allies On The Other Side


What if I told you that you were never really alone? That even in your darkest moments, you had a whole team in your corner, rooting for you and your success. Well, I'm here to tell you that you do - whether you know it, sense it or even desire it. We all have spirit guides. In fact, I don't know a soul who would sign up to come here without them.

But, what does any of that mean if you can't know who they are, feel their presence or even communicate with them? Another surprise - you can. And, the process of connecting with our guides doesn't have to be elusive or elite. No matter your level of "natural" intuitive ability, if you have an open mind and a willing heart, you're well on your way. 

It was nearly two years ago when I took a spirit guide coaching certification course. It was my birthday present to myself, actually. Going in, I had real reservations about my own ability to connect and didn't know if I would resonate with some of the guide types that we discussed. Archangels? That seemed way too out there and religious for my style. Ancestors? Well, that seemed a bit too medium-like, and I've never identified as a medium! But, here's the thing. Our guides meet us where we are and deliver messages in a way that is both remarkable, but comfortable. I was also shocked to discover that Archangels ended up being some of the easiest and accessible energy for me to tap into - who knew! 

How else do guides communicate with us? It's endless really, and may depend on you and your guide and what is unique in that relationship. Commonly though, guides will use things like synchronicities (which is why I do not believe in coincidence!). This could be repeated number patterns, hearing the same song over and over or even a billboard sign that says just what you needed to hear in that moment. Guides also come to us in our dreams, or in that space between dreams - basically, whenever the ego is down. You know when else they love to visit? When we're showering, vacuuming or otherwise, hanging out in an unintentional altered state of consciousness. Think - zoned out! Yes, when you zone out, do you not sometimes come up with the most brilliant ideas, solutions or inventions? Some people think that guide voice should sound different or be more obvious, but I'm here to tell you that it's not and that's by design (I talk more about this in my course). 

Even though all those methods of communication are just wonderful, for me, I desired something more tangible. So, after completing the certification course, I knew I needed to take my first love, being tarot, and develop a system that used that tool to connect with all that guide energy that was right there in front of me. A few months later, my Meet Your Spirit Guide system was born. I started giving readings and teaching others how to use the tools and techniques I'd discovered to tap into their own spiritual team. In June of 2016, I launched the Spirit Guide challenge on social media and I was BLOWN AWAY by the amount of participation and engagement. Honestly, I was waking up at 5am some mornings just to get ahead of the messages - I didn't want to miss anything, though I admit some days it was hard to keep up! But, this is precisely why this type of work excites me so much - because I know what kind of connections it can create. What kind of magick it can unlock for you. The clarity it can provide. Working with our guides doesn't just satisfy that curiosity of knowing who is with us, it also deeply heightens our intuition and provides loving guidance regarding our own life path and purpose.

And this is why I needed to finally bundle it up for all of you. It is my heart felt desire that everyone knows the comfort that connecting with our guides can bring. If you're on the fence or don't really understand the concepts, let me help break it down.
Yes, you'll get the 101 informative type stuff, but the true meat and potatoes of the package that I'm offering has been designed to put you in direct contact with one special member of your spiritual team. Working with tarot, you will be able to determine what type of guide is coming through (i.e. ancestor, archangel, ascended master, personal, professional - and yes, I explain what all this means), what their strengths are, what they are helping you with and loads more. There are 30 prompts for you to explore, spread out over a 30 day period and in between, some extra credit assignments to help take that connection to new heights.
I walk you through each and every step knowing this may be totally new terrain. But know, when you're ready to walk that path, however you choose to do it, your guide will be there willing, waiting and cheering you on. 

To learn more about the course I'm offering to connect with your team, head on over here. If you have any questions before diving in, leave a comment below or don't hesitate to contact me!

Happy connecting,