The Relationship Between Emotion and Intent


When we discuss concepts such as manifestation and being the creator of our own reality, we focus a lot on thoughts as energy and a seed for intent. Thoughts do have power - there is no doubt about that. Thoughts have power in the way that words and actions also have power. But, it is what fuels those thoughts that can be the determining factor in how successful your intentions are. And what fuel am I talking about? I'm hinting at the thing that often comes before the thought, but also lives in the aftermath of many. Something that shapes perception and informs action. Of course, the thing I'm talking about is emotion.

Thoughts cannot be fuel on their own. Words spoken without sincerity cannot be catalysts for great change. Thinking something into being may work, to a point, but we could have so much more success through this process if we're tapping into the right source energy; the fuel that is positive and affirming emotion.

Let's say for example that you really want to change your career. You think about it. You journal about it. You speak your intent out loud using present tense phrasing and yet still, you're stuck in the same old position you've been in for years. What's happening? The first thing I'd check is how I'm feeling about my desire. Do I believe it's possible? Or, does the thought of transitioning to something new fill me with dread, self doubt or anxiety? Or even worse, is the belief that I cannot achieve it sabotaging all my thinking it into being down the drain?

We don't typically go from stagnation and all the beliefs that have kept us there for years, to suddenly and joyously moving forward with new and exciting opportunities coming out of the woodwork. It's not that this can't happen, but for many of us, we've conditioned ourselves with years of belief building that tell us this can't be so and in effect, we create environments that support that belief at every turn. So, if something isn't happening for you that you intellectually believe you desire - you have to examine what emotions are attached. You can do this simply by sitting with an intent and letting yourself naturally feel what it is that exists on and under the surface. Journal what comes up. Maybe you're nervous. Maybe you deep down believe it can't be so. Perhaps you're actually terrified of what you've asked for - yes, even fear can live in positive desires when we don't think we're worthy of them.

The block, barrier or resistance can be unique to all of us. But when we feel it, we need to find a way to explore and then dismantle it if we want to be able to create the reality necessary for our intent to thrive. One way we can do this is to shift our inner attention to something we know to be true; a belief that comes easily. For example, think of something you own that you enjoy. Maybe it's your car or your bed or a book - the thing doesn't matter. What you're going to do is think of this thing and while you're thinking of it, picture it in your mind's eye recalling as much detail about it as you can. Notice when you do this how unwavering the belief in is of this object. Is there any doubt you already have it? No - likely there isn't. Now, take note of that seamless and unwavering belief and compare it to the belief you think you have about your desires or intents. This exercise of comparing belief feelings is meant to put into perspective for you just how misaligned your emotions may be to what it is you say you want. 

So, if you're struggling to bring an intent to being - start first by exploring the feelings you have around it. Is the belief weak and wavering? Are you experiencing negative feelings under the surface such as doubt, anxiety or worst of all - fear? Acknowledging these emotions are the first step to bringing them to light where they can be effectively dealt with and transformed. And once you've done all that hard work - you must let it go. Continually checking in on our intents is a sure fire way to delay the process. You know the old saying about a watched pot never boiling? We must keep some dettachment to the process because again, the incessant need to check the progress is probably dwelling in doubt, impatience and uncertainty, which are the exact opposite emotions you want present when you're attempting to manifest. When you've done the work, simply let go and allow. Believe that no matter what happens, all will be okay and in fact, more than okay - it will be in accordance with your highest self and the greatest good, and what more could you ask for than that?

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With love, gratitude and magick,