Everyday Magick: An Afternoon At Centennial Park

My son had been bugging me all weekend to go on a picnic so on Sunday, we packed up our basket and headed down to Centennial Park in Grimsby (Niagara region of Ontario, Canada). It was a beautiful day and I expected it would be quite scenic, but aesthetically it was beyond. I had expectations of soggy peanut butter sandwiches and rocks in my sandals, but what I got was rainbows, crystals and all sorts of incredible elemental energy. Seriously, it was that good! Check out my photo series below and hopefully the energy translates!


Moral of the story - if you need some major spiritual rejuvenation and creative inspiration (and also don't want to spend any money) find the lushest location in your community and spend an afternoon. I'm still riding high off those tree Goddess vibes so yes, satisfaction guaranteed!