Full Moon in Pisces - A Playlist


I told myself I'd write a post this weekend, but instead I spent the morning staring at a blank screen even though I have at least 5 topics I've been meaning to delve into. Rather than force it and end up with a product I'm not wholly satisfied with, I thought I'd instead indulge in a little mix-tape making and allow myself to be inspired by other forms of expression. Music, like any creative outlet, is magick - pure and simple. In fact, anything that can make you feel - or touch one of your sense - would qualify...if you ask me.

I'm feeling very in tune (I think I punned) with the Full Moon that is almost upon us. Perhaps that's because I'm already in a strange space and have been since Mercury Retrograde hit. Or maybe it's because this upcoming cycle sees us in Pisces and Pisces is my moon sign, so it feels personal. Whatever the case, I let the feels guide me and created a Full Moon in Pisces Playlist for your listening pleasure. It's slow, brooding, a bit instrumental and touching on the topic of dreams, mystery and illusion. This is what Pisces feels like to me; hopefully you'll enjoy it as well. 

Artists Featured: M83, Rasputina, Chromatics, Aurora, Half Moon Run, Majical Cloudz, London Grammar, Burial, Moby, Kate Bush, Clint Mansell, Radiohead, oOoOO, Portishead, Purity Ring, Twin Shadow, Tricky, Sufjan Stevens, Cat Power, Maxence Cyrin.

The full playlist is below if you want to have a peak. You can also have a listen in Spotify and follow along.

p.s. The order of the songs are intentional, but feel free to shuffle your way through it as well.