Trick or Treat: Halloween Roundup

The spookiest day of the year is upon us and it's always a little bitter sweet because on one hand, many of us look forward to this day but just as quickly, not only is it over, it's November! Ugh, let's not even talk about it. 

Many years ago, Halloween was an all out affair of elaborate parties and dressup for me, but these days it's much more calm. I'll be spending the evening out with my son collecting candy from around our neighbourhood and then when he's not looking, I'll take some of the less favourable stuff because listen, I need some sugar too.

Whether or not you have big plans or none at all, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your day. It's the perfect time for silent reflection, ritual and meditation as much as it is for getting out and socializing.

Because I've been really busy working on upcoming content, I haven't come up with any new or innovative offerings for you all to mark the day, so I hope just a couple links and discounts will do!

For starters, with the veil nicely thinned, it would be a perfect time to connect with your guides or crossed loved ones. To help make this just a tad bit easier, I'm offering a discount on my Spirit Guides course for a limited time at just $15. Learn more about what it entails or purchase if it calls to you!

Speaking of the thinning of the veil, I recently wrote a post about connecting with spirit using tarot. It touches briefly on concepts that we explore much more thoroughly in the course outlined above, and while it's only a primer, it's enough to get communicating today!

Last year I made a High Priestess Halloween Music Mix. I swore I would update it sometime between now and then, but unfortunately it's been gathering cobwebs instead. That doesn't mean it rocks any less though! Check it out if you need 66 spooky tunes to carry you through the day!

And finally, here is a Monster Movie inspired spread I'm also pulling out of last year's truck! Picture of layout is below followed by what each position means.


1. Main character (The seeker)
2. Setting/season (This card indicates what season the movie is filmed and also the area of your life your monster is occupying. Pentacles = Winter/Earthly matters, Swords = Spring/Matters of the mind or communication, Wands = Summer/creative or ambitious matters, Cups = Autumn/emotional matters. If you pull a Major Arcana, the issue may be taking up multiple areas and span many seasons)
3. Cast (Friends, family or foes - this is the other player (or players) in this drama)
4. Big Bad (The monster at large i.e. lurking shadow, overarching challenge or conflict in your life)
5. The Confrontation (How you can overcome or tame the beast)
6. Moral of the Story (The lesson(s) you stand to learn)
7. Final Scene (You at the end of the movie and any potential growth that may occur as a result)

I hope you enjoyed the spread and if you give it a whirl, I'd love to know how your movie unfolded!

Have an hauntingly happy Halloween!