Illuminate Your Intuition - A Free 30 Day Challenge


In September I’ve decided to host a challenge via social media (because it’s been a long while) with the focus on understanding, developing and effectively using our intuition.

Working with tarot, I’ll guide participants through a series of exercises, reflections, and shares to uncover the unique language that your intuition uses to communicate with you. Because the work involved can be complex and certainly very individual, I’ve put together a guidebook to make following along super simple. In that guide, you’ll have direction on how to approach each day, with space to record any insights or observations.

The practices we’ll be playing with have been designed to bring you more in tune with the subtle energies within and around you, as well as allow you to look at tarot in a new way. We’ll be stepping outside textbook definitions and playing with everything from our physical senses, inner seeing, meditation and more to expand how we interpret the messages contained within this powerful tool.

We all have inherent intuitive strengths and the purpose of this challenge is to bring those to the forefront. The challenge will officially begin on September 1st, but the guidebook is available for download now. Between now and when we start, take some time to set intentions for yourself, decide on a deck you’ll work with or ask any questions you need clarifying. I’ll be right there along for the ride, posting my own insights and observations as we go.

And lastly, for those who do participate, please know there is no pressure to post, no pressure to keep up, no pressure to go at any pace other than the one that feels right to you. This is for you. And because it's for you, you can approach it in any way you see fit.

I’m so excited to get started and I so hope you’ll join me in September! You can do so on your own blog, on Instagram, another social media space or even privately with your own journal. Remember, no rules - see you in September!