The Fool-The World: 22 Ways To Experience More Magick


When I was very young, my dad would tell me that magick was real and with it, we could do anything we wanted - if we believed. That sounds pretty out there, but through the years, I've learned that the more I limit this belief, the less magick I experience. And the thing about magick is that it doesn't have to be this monumental occurrence to feel large and vibrant. Magick is simple - consistent - easy, and its application, while seemingly mundane, can transform your life in the most incredible ways.

Below is a list of some of my favourite ways to add a dose of magick to the everyday according to each of the Major Arcana. I love following this path as a template to explore other areas of life because each step is so deeply archetypal and symbolic. The wisdom extends beyond the cards themselves and if you listen, you'll find their influence can be perceived almost anywhere.  

BUT WAIT! Before we get started, I have a side-bar exercise you can do in conjunction with this list. If you like, think of one card from the Major Arcana or, shuffle those 22 cards and draw one card. Consider this your focus card and with it, you will pay extra attention to the suggestion on the list that's coming up. Perhaps this is a way you can infuse more magick, or something you've been neglecting or a possibility you've not considered. Hopefully whatever it is, it serves you well.

The Fool: Blink to refresh your eyes. What do you see? Same old landscape? Think again. Allow yourself be in in awe of not just the new, but also the familiar; a beautiful landscape, a bright star, a delicious cuisine, an old comfy chair or anything in-between.

The Magician: Set an intention and don't just believe it will come to be, know it will.

The High Priestess: Get a tarot reading or better yet, give one!

The Empress: Try something creative and don't focus on perfection.

The Emperor: Say "no" and mean it.

The Hierophant: Take a course about something new and interesting.

The Lovers: Choose love; love for the things you're passionate about and people who inspire you.

The Chariot: Get organized - journals, planners, lists - whatever it takes to stay focused and on task.

Strength: Create healthy boundaries and be discerning about the energy around you - if it doesn't feel right, it's okay to make space or cut it out entirely.  

The Hermit: Start a meditation ritual - just 5 minutes a day can make all the difference.

The Wheel of Fortune: Discover new music and then make playlists for random occasions.

Justice: Give back in affordable ways by supporting someone you admire on Patreon, donating to a cause that means a lot to you or volunteering your time.

The Hanged Man: Take pause to reflect on everything amazing in your world. Gratitude goes a long way, so say “Thank You” for what is and mean it!

Death: Honour where in your life resistance exists and find a way to call it out i.e. acknowledge it exists, tap into the why and then ask yourself how you'll get through it. Be open to shed layers, discard what isn't working and step into newer and newer versions of yourself as you continue to evolve. Death isn't so much about doing, but rather allowing the unfolding to occur.

Temperance: Schedule self-care check-ins with yourself in the same way you'd pencil an important meeting into your agenda.

The Devil: Indulge! A two hour long bath, a huge slice of cake, a bottle of wine. Let your vice be your pleasure every now and then. I personally live by balance, not restriction.

The Tower: Got worries? Tackle them rather than let them linger. I like to get them out on paper so I can systematically and objectively quantify their actual importance. Another idea would be to make a “worst case scenario” list. In other words, boil them down to the worst possible outcome and you may find that even if it all goes to shit, everything will be okay in the end. This one actually came out of a conversation I was having earlier with the endlessly inspiring Freedom.

The Star: Check out your natal chart and learn about what it means to be you, astrologically speaking.

The Sun: Express yourself and your joy - there is only one you and the world needs to see it!

The Moon: Pay attention to your dreams and also your cycles.

Judgement: Be brave enough to follow your own path even when it defies the opinions of others (especially when it defies the opinions of others).

The World: Make a list of all your achievements over the last year and be proud of that shit!

I hope this list has given you some ideas of ways to incorporate magick simply, but also meaningfully into your everyday. As you can see, it doesn't have to take much more than what is already available. Magick isn't about having fancy tools, it's about having an inspired perspective. Challenging yourself to see magick in the mundane will unlock the doors to the bigger stuff and beyond. 

With love & gratitude
Julia Eve