May I Recommend...

This Mercury Retrograde has really hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been full steam, Chariot ahead on a couple of projects when WHAM - the need to recede overcame me. Well, as you can probably tell the blog posts here have slowed...and time between Instagram posts has increased. So, what have I been up to then? Mostly, taking time for myself. Reassessing what it is that I'm creating and putting into the world. Feeding myself with things that are inspiring and helping me feel sane during this downtime.

In fact, here are a handful of those very things that I've been indulging in, enjoying or have otherwise found some joy or comfort in this last week. 

Tell My Tarot: This web based tarot reading platform has been my go to recently. There are a number of options to choose from and its simple layout and clean design makes it a breeze to navigate. When I don't have my cards and I need an answer in a pinch, this is the site I've been using.

I've recently taken coffee out of my diet (again). I suffer from chronic acid reflux and I take medication, but I can get lazy about what I eat meaning - I eat things even if I know they're bad for me. This retrograde has me going back to reexamine my relationship with coffee which has been an ongoing struggle. I love my caffeine guys, so I've made the seamless switch to matcha green tea lattes (subbed with coconut milk). Not only is matcha alkaline, it also gives you that boost you crave without the crash and it really is a cleaner higher. It's also fucking delicious! I've got a bag on order so I can start making these bad boys at home.

I've also been listening to a ton of podcasts - especially on my daily drives and there is one in particular that I've really gotten into. If you love indulging in mysteries, strange occurrences, matters of occult and conspiracy, then you'll love Stuff They Don't Want You To Know.

It's been two years since I've had my aura read so when Mary of Seven Cups Mystics posted on Instagram recently about her services, I felt compelled to take a little peak. For your information, I rarely purchase readings because I usually don't feel as if there is anything I need to know. But, the state of my Chakras and aura? Sign me up! I loved my report and while there were things that didn't surprise me (issues with my heart Chakra) there were also some interesting findings too such as gold around my crown! I really treasure this kind of insight and encourage you to check out her shop! These readings are incredibly priced so get them while they're hot!

Insight Timer continues to be my go to meditation app and now is no exception. This is the app I recommend to all my clients who I think need to add more stillness to their lives and it never gets old because there is SO MUCH content! No matter what type of meditation you want to embark on, there is likely something to meet that need.

So, how have you been feeling this retrograde? What have you been turning to during this time? My biggest advice if you've been feeling the need to pull back is to honour that and direct your focus to self care instead. Slow and steady wins the race and Mercury Retrograde is all about those reflective, introspective vibes. 

Take care, friends!