New Moon in Scorpio - A Playlist


The other day, my friend was sharing her horoscope with me and in that forecast, it asked her this question: If you could be any other sun sign, which would you be? She didn't have a response, but when she flipped the tables on me, I answered swiftly and with certainty; I would be a Scorpio. I have a little bit of Scorpio in my chart, granted. Both my Jupiter and Saturn are in Scorpio - so, that's something, I guess. And my rationale isn't completely fleshed out but essentially, I think the sign is badass and I'd like a little more edge in my profile - lol.

Anywho, while I skipped the Full Moon in Taurus when it comes to these playlists, I couldn't pass up diving into the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio, which will be active in the sky November 18th. The truth is, this was the quickest selection of songs I've ever whipped together and the only challenge I had was narrowing it down to the standard 20 tracks that I like to keep these things to.

In terms of the mix of music, I tried to make it sexy and intense - though I fear even saying that out loud makes it markedly less sexy and intense. Regardless...I do hope I've done the sign justice, but if not, I'm sure you Scorpios won't hesitate to let me know.

Artists Featured: The Normal, Depeche Mode, Bjork, Beach House, alt-J, GarbageDuran Duran, Einstürzende Neubauten, FKA Twigs, Frank Ocean, Ghost Poet, Kavinsky, Miss Kitten, Portishead, Tricky, Weaves, The Weeknd, Desire, Majical Cloudz, The Doors

Full playlist below - Happy New Moon!