New Moon Updates: Join Me On Patreon


I have to admit that I haven't been feeling overly connected to this New Moon, but sort of inadvertently, I was overcome with a need to make a few changes around here. Nothing major - but a purge on one hand and an introduction on the other. And as it all comes together, I'm reminded also that Mercury has gone direct as of today - so now really is the time to plant seeds and embrace that fresh start. 

What this will mean for this space is that after April, there will be no more Monthly Magick newsletters. Instead, I'll be redirecting my energy into the Patreon page I just created, as a way to accomplish 3 primary goals. 1) help me sustain the level of content I'm currently producing. 2) I'm in the process of writing a book, and the pledges I receive on that platform will support the birth and creation of that project. 3) I love the idea of having a space for community - where I can connect with others and provide exclusive resources to assist fellow seeker's on their journey. Nothing loud and crazy - just a safe space for those on a solitary journey looking for ways to grow at their own pace. 

I've spent some time pouring over the rewards for each Tier, and I think I've been able to accomplish a balance to accommodate those looking to learn and also those wanting guidance. I've had to really consider what is feasible for me to produce in a sustainable way so that this space compliments what I'm already doing. I think I've captured this and I'm excited to start!.

Without getting into what fits into which tier, here is a snapshot of the sorts of rewards you can expect: 

  • Patron-only feed featuring updates, tips, insights, polls, spreads and more
  • Free readings, both for the collective as well as personalized
  • Monthly bite-sized studies on a wide array of subjects (though mostly tarot-centric)
  • Shout-out on Instagram
  • Permanent link on my website
  • A featured blog post where we chat about whatever you want (want to share your practice? plug a service? announce a project? I'm all ears)
  • Never-expiring coupon code (20% off) for all products and services
  • Monthly snail-mail care package

I plan to introduce a live feed component to some reward Tiers, but not until or unless I can achieve the second goal I've set, mostly to ensure there is an audience!

So, if you've enjoyed the free content I've put out over the years, have benefited from readings or simply want to reap the rewards that being a patron entails, please consider supporting me! Of course, regardless of whether you can or cannot, I'm endlessly grateful for your presence, no matter what form that takes.

As for the newsletter, the last edition will go out at the end of April. For those who have been with me through the months, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've enjoyed that process, but it's time for the next leg of this journey.

With love & gratitude,