Soundtrack Through The Arcana - Death


We're deep in October now and with the seasons making their transition, trees changing colour, days getting shorter - it just seems to appropriate that we're arrived at Death in the context of this series.


Song: Month of May
Artist: Arcade Fire
Album: The Suburbs

This track was selected less for the vibe of the music (on the surface pretty upbeat) and more for the tone of the lyrics, which I relate to difficult transitions or being just on the cusp of an important and much anticipated transition. But I guess also, something about the kind of manic energy of the song can be applicable to Death in the sense that Death (change, transition, moving from one state to another) doesn't always glide in gracefully. Sometimes there is a rush or urgency to it. Sometimes it grabs us before we're ready and says "it's time go go!" - it's then our choice how we proceed; open to the possibilities or digging our heels in every inch of the way.

The month of May, it’s a violent thing
In the city, their hearts start to sing
Well, some people sing, it sounds like they’re screaming
I used to doubt it but now I believe it
Well, I know it’s heavy, I know it ain’t light
But how you gonna lift it with your arms folded tight?
First they built the road
Then they built the town
That’s why we’re still driving around
And around and around and around and around
When we stood outside in the month of may
And watched the violent wind blow the wires away
If I die in the month of may
Let the wind take my body away, yeah
Wish I may, I wish I might
Don’t lay me down there with my arms folded tight

So we're now 14 in and my plan is to have the Devil released on Halloween because that just feels like the right thing to do. Okay so as I said, this is just one track on a really great album and I encourage you to check out more if it's your vibe. As always, the updated playlist is below. Feel free to have a listen or follow along!