Soundtrack Through The Aracana - The Hermit

Growing up, I listened to a lot of Genesis. A lot. This was (is?) my dad's favourite band and so it was just accepted that at any odd hour, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway may serve as some very normal background music whether eating dinner, entertaining guests or just hanging out. Now, members of Genesis also served up solo acts (Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel being the big ones) but Steve Hackett, who was their guitarist for a number of years, also ventured sideways while in the band and put out the album Voyage of the Acolyte which is entirely tarot inspired. In fact, every single track on that album is named after a tarot card (almost). So, I guess you can see where I'm going with this...

Deck featured is the the  Rota Tarot

Deck featured is the the Rota Tarot


The Hermit
Song: The Hermit
Artist: Steve Hackett
Album: Voyage of the Acolyte

This is the 5th track on the album and I don't need to explain why it suits the energy and essence of the card, because it was literally written in its likeness. It's also just generally a great listen and so I don't feel like I'm cheating by picking this more obvious selection.

The mantle of attainment
Weighs heavy on his shoulders
Guided by a lantern
Flickering he grows older
A refuge found in exile
Enshrouded by darkness
A figure slowly forms
Through many years of banishment
No shelter from the storm
To find this slave of solitude
You’ll know him by his star
Then take his hand, he’ll lose himself
Knowing who you are

I encourage you to check out the rest of the album which has overall very cool vibes. Another fun fact before I close out: My dad (the Genesis nerd) is also a musician in his own right. He's still doing the music thing but in the 70's, he let tarot inspire him and put out an obscure 45 called Five Years/Hermit Tales under the name Majik. I may have selected one of those two tracks for this pick except I'm definitely not finding that on Spotify and so I'll just leave this as a random and strange tidbit.

Okay, as always, updated track listing is below! Feel free to have a listen or follow along!