Soundtrack Through The Arcana - Temperance


We are now at the 15th installment in this series and you know what that means? Only 63 cards left to go! Haha - that's so many...but I am somewhat determined to see it through. Even if it takes me until 2037.

Anyway, today we're having a listen to Temperance. This Arcana is all about the themes of moderation, balance and harmony. It speaks to the various lessons in our lives that play out over and over which tell us to not over- or under do anything. In order to achieve health of body, mind and spirit - we must act in moderation.


Song: Balance
Artist: Future Islands
Album: On The Water

I selected this track, first off, because the title is obviously a perfect descriptor for Temperance. The lyrics though also speak to this sort of, slow and steady approach to achieve desirable results. And that's the thing with temperance. There are no quick and dirty solutions. You need to find the perfect blend and balance of elements to bring about the right kind of magick. And it also helps that I just actually like the song. 

And you can go to the moon
But if you want something to change
You gotta change your life
And take your time
It just takes time
It just takes time
It just takes time
Hard work and your time
And the sun will leave a wound
And leave you to the night
And that’s alright
Because before the moonbeam comes
There’s a certain calm
And then there’s light
It just takes time
It just takes time
A little trust and your time
You can change your life
It just takes time
A little trust and your time

As per usual, the updated playlist is below. Feel free to have a listen or follow along!