Soundtrack Through The Arcana - The Empress

I waited until Mother's Day (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!) to drop this one since The Empress is a bit like the quintessential mother figure of the tarot deck. For this track, I went back to an EP from 2001 called November by the duo Azure Ray. I discovered them around that same year, as they were (are?) a part of Saddle Creek records among some of our other indie/folk favourites of the era (think Bright Eyes). 


The Empress
Song: I Will Do These Things
Artist: Azure Ray
Album: November

This particular song has a really airy and ethereal feel. It evokes images and feelings that coincide both with the creative and loving attributes associated with The Empress. It's like the most angelic mother figure singing down to you that everything is going to be okay while a heart beats deeply in the background, supporting and giving life. It is both super soft and fiercely protective; exactly the right ingredients to nurture our offspring (whatever form they may take).

I will take your childhood dreams
And turn them into to beautiful film
I will take your most important things
Cast them gold fill a museum
I will kiss away every tear
They’ll disappear in my mouth
And I will believe in all your fears
You let them in, I’ll let them out
And put them in their place, my love

Kind of lovely, isn't it? Anyway, I've added it to the playlist below so feel free to have a listen or follow the list in Spotify to see new tracks as they're added! 

Until next time!