Soundtrack Through The Arcana - The High Priestess

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio, friends! What a perfect time to also launch into the next card in this series - The High Priestess. Also, this is a record breaking first for moi - three blog posts in three days! Jeez, what am I amped up on, eh?

This selection was much easier than the first two. I kind of had it narrowed down to a few key artists that represent the mysterious and intuitive High Priestess and it was simply a matter of then figuring out who had the song to go with it. I'm not so secretly elated that it landed with one of my faves - a true Queen and forever icon, Kate Bush. I've been a fan since birth as I grew up listening to her albums, which were on frequent rotation in my home growing up. She has quite the discography, so selecting a song you'd think would prove challenging, but when I found the one, I knew that was it. 


The High Priestess
Song: Strange Phenomena
Artist: Kate Bush
Album: The Kick Inside

Okay, so here is the part where I make a small admission. I don't actually love this song. There are plenty other Kate Bush tracks that I would rather listen to given the opportunity, but this one took the crown due to the lyrics and themes present. The whole thing is about synchronicities, signs, receiving sacred messages and following our intuition. There is also a highly feminine element to the song; a sort of secret sisterhood that you'll see evidence of in the lyrics below. 

Soon it will be the phase of the moon
When people tune in
Every girl knows about the punctual blues
But who’s to know the power
Behind our moves
We raise our hats to the strange phenomena
Soul birds of a feather flock together
We raise our hats to the hand a-moulding us
Sure ‘nuff, he has the answer
You hear your sister calling for you
But you don’t know where from
You know there’s something wrong
But you don’t want to believe in a premonition

Serious High Priestess vibes, am I right? Have a listen below! I'd included the updated Spotify playlist which I will continue to add to as I work through the series. Next up is The Empress and I have no idea where inspiration will strike for that one, but hey - maybe I can continue this write streak!? We'll see and I'll see you next time!