Soundtrack Through The Arcana - The Magician

I think I'm a bit anxious/eager about this series because I’m already posting my next entry despite the fact that I feel like I should have a post in between these. But, sometimes my #tarotthursdaythree's run back to back and so, at the same time, when motivation and inspiration strikes, maybe I should just go with it, ya?

Being that this is post #2, we’re tackling The Magician. I thought The Fool was hard, but this had me even more racked for some reason. I think I’m thinking about it too much. I also think I’m trying too hard to create a soundtrack that flows in some ways, so that if someone were to listen to it as it were designed, as a set, it wouldn’t be too disjointed.

But these are my fanatic issues to sort though and as far is it concerns anyone else, I’m simply here to name songs that I feel, in some way, capture the energy and essence of each of the 78 cards.

So, what have I come up with for The Magician?


The Magician
Song: Gooey
Artist: Glass Animals
Album: Zaba

At first it’s the audio that pulls me in - a kind of shook up cocktail of trippy vs. futuristic; deliciously psychedelic, but still very much a product of modern musical mechanics. I read in an interview with lead singer Dave Bayley that the song, at least one verse of it, is about youth and naivety, which sounds a lot more like The Fool. However, I believe there is more to the story than that (um if I can be so bold, I guess).

Beyond the slinky sounds, the references to chemicals and texture of substances has me thinking a lot about the alchemical process in general - and we know this is definitely the trade of The Magician. I also think it’s going to be difficult for one song to encompass every single aspect of a card. That’s a lot like asking one track to speak for the whole of a person. But for me, Gooey perfectly depicts a very specific moment in the Fool-Magician transition and it is when the Fool leaps over the grassy hill and reaches a new peak. Like a period of awakening where one goes from unawareness to beginning to realize (maybe slowly) the power they possess. And it’s not a perfect command of magic and skill, because these things take time and practice. However, it is a pivotal and important moment none the less; one in which we gain consciousness and see with our own eyes that this equals that. What we do with our new found power is up to us of course and that’s for every Magician to sort out for themselves. And Gooey for me is just that; the space before we decide how we’re going to use our power and simply start to understand that we have it.

Let me show you everything I know
The jungle slang
Spinning around my head and I stare
While my naked fool
Fresh out of an icky gooey womb
Mind my simple song, this ain’t gonna work
Mind my wicked words and tipsy topsy smirk
Truth be told
I’ve been there, I’ve done this all before
I take your gloom
I curl it up and puff it into plumes

As with last time, the updated Spotify playlist is below so you can have a listen or follow along. And if you have any Magician inspired songs you wanna share, leave a comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts!