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#tarotthursdaythree for 07/06/2017

Welcome to #tarotthursdaythree - a monthly blogging exercise where anyone within the metaphysical community is invited to grab the question set and answer for themselves on their own blog or social media.

So, if you're a blogger or active on social media (whatever platform) and want to play along, just copy and paste the questions in your own forum and answer away!

This question set was inspired by what is becoming a common occurrence with some of my tools - particularly pendulums! You see, I just can't seem to keep these babies in tact. And just the other day, it happened again. I only asked 3 questions for 1 person and the next day, it split right in half. See exhibit A after the cut.

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#tarotthursdaythree for 02/23/2017

Welcome back, mystical bloggers! It's time for another round of #tarotthursdaythree. For those unfamiliar, each Thursday I feature 3 questions for you to copy, paste and answer in your own blog. This exercise is open to any and all, so feel free to jump in and join the fun! The questions always carry a theme of tarot and related metaphysics and I do take question submissions from others. So, if you want to send in your own, please fill out the form and I'll be in touch!

Let's get right into this week's questions...

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