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Soundtrack Through The Arcana - The Fool

I've been mulling this one over for awhile, and though admittedly it's not an original idea, I really want to take a crack at/challenge myself to complete a soundtrack for all 78 cards of the tarot. Why? I love music, I love tarot and I love the way in which lyrics combined with melody can create layers of meaning and emotion in a way that other forms of expression cannot. I also think it would be a really interesting way to understand each card on a new level. So I hope this series will help those just starting out with tarot to build upon their current understanding of the cards. And I hope for those who have been doing this awhile, that it will at least be interesting and get you thinking about other songs that also capture the essence and energy of each card. It also gives me an opportunity to discover new music, which is something I used to devote hours, days and weeks too, but rarely find that dedicated time to anymore. 

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