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Soundtrack Through The Arcana - Wheel of Fortune

I'm kinda pissed with myself for picking a Majical Cloudz song so early in this series. There are so many better tracks on this album, but what I love about this selection is the way in which it transitions the Arcana. There is this feeling of slipping from one state into another, entering an ether, being consumed or circling back to the start. None of that made sense, but The Wheel is kind of a messy place where everything can just coexist. Our past, present and future taken out of linear context where we're now given the opportunity to see things with perspective, go a different way, break free etc. So these circumstances that we find ourselves in (real or imaginary), are they a product of fate or fortune - or does it even matter?

I'm also kinda pissed that this band is no longer.

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