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Illuminate Your Intuition - A Free 30 Day Challenge

In September I’ve decided to host a challenge via social media (because it’s been a long while) with the focus on understanding, developing and effectively using our intuition.

Working with tarot, I’ll guide participants through a series of exercises, reflections, and shares to uncover the unique language that your intuition uses to communicate with you. Because the work involved can be complex and certainly very individual, I’ve put together a guidebook to make following along super simple. In that guide, you’ll have direction on how to approach each day, with space to record any insights or observations.

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Adventures in Instagram as a Soulpreneur

When I started my Instagram account in November of 2015, it was before Spiral Sea Tarot (website, brand etc.) had really taken shape and I had no clear objective or expectation going in. At the same time, I ran a personal Instagram account where I interacted mainly with my friends IRL. But, it was a weird time for me. I’d spent the last year or so in the process of reevaluating my spirituality and finding more ways to incorporate it into my life; getting back in touch with something I'd lost somewhere along the way. The problem was, I didn’t feel comfortable to share that with most people and every time I wanted to post a picture of an incredible spread I’d just done or a passage from a book with an unconventional topic - I felt a lot of reservation. But, I knew I wanted to take pictures of the things I loved and I knew I wanted to share those things with...someone. And so, in secret, I started a second account - now the one and only account I use today.

Why a secret? To test the waters. To provide myself an outlet that felt safe. To share without filter or fear. I suppose those would be a few good reasons. Once I was sure I wanted to have this space where I could creatively explore what I was most passionate about, I shared it with a few - mainly because it felt weird to have this side thing that no one knew about and ultimately I knew I needed to transition myself more fully.

Now that I’ve been doing this for over a year and a half, I wanted to reflect back on what I’ve learned through the process of showing up everyday in this capacity. So without further ado, below are the biggest lessons I've so far come by while using Instagram as a soulpreneur.

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