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Sun In Libra Sounds - A Playlist

I used to do playlists for the moon phases, but I’ve switched things up and will now be featuring playlists to usher us into the seasons as they change. While we slide into Autumn, we also welcome the shift of the Sun to Libra. I’ve constructed this playlist honouring themes of love, beauty and balance. Check out the full playlist after the cut and make sure to follow along or check out previous signs!

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Soundtrack Through The Aracana - The Hermit

Growing up, I listened to a lot of Genesis. A lot. This was (is?) my dad's favourite band and so it was just accepted that at any odd hour, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway may serve as some very normal background music whether eating dinner, entertaining guests or just hanging out. Now, members of Genesis also served up solo acts (Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel being the big ones) but Steve Hackett, who was their guitarist for a number of years, also ventured sideways while in the band and put out the album Voyage of the Acolyte which is entirely tarot inspired. In fact, every single track on that album is named after a tarot card (almost). So, I guess you can see where I'm going with this...

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