Tarot Intention Kits


Next to divining with tarot, my second favorite way to use the cards is ritualistically. Call it magick, manifestation, intention setting - whatever. The cards are not just gateways to what will be, or what is - they are portals to possibilities.

I’ve been working with tarot in this way for years, making changes in my life, sometimes even enormous ones. For this reason, I can’t underestimate the power that comes from working with these archetypes and symbols in this way.

I’ve also been feeling super crafty lately, needing to get my hands dirty in tangible magick, and so I began creating intention kits. These kits utilize tarot and crystal energy to help you both formulate and breath life into your desires.


Essentially, each kit has been designed to tap into the essence of a particular card, and so the idea is you would then choose a card that matched the energy you wanted to invite or the intent you wished to set.

For example, if you wanted to boost your intuition and increase you ability to connect with your guides/higher self, you may want to grab the High Priestess kit. On the other hand, if you wanted to invite more financial stability and security into your life, you may want to work with the King of Pentacles. So it really depends on what you’re looking to achieve.


At this time, I have just a handful of kits available. They’ve all been charged under the Full Moon in Aries (09/25/2018) and come with the following:

  • A small vile containing crystal chips to match the energy of the kit you’ve selected.

  • In that vile you will also find a small paper slip with an image of the tarot card you’ve selected. On the blank side is where you may write your intent.

  • A teeny tiny double sided crystal grid printed on 330 gsm matte stock.

  • 1 white scentless tealite.

  • A “Magick” greeting card containing an affirmation designed specifically to suit the tarot card/kit you’ve selected.

  • A small black organza bag to hold your crystals, intent, candle and grid.

  • A card listing the various properties and associations of the tarot card/kit you’ve selected so you can better understand its power and how to work with it.

  • A letter from me with instructions on how to use your kit including a few general tips to get the most from your ritual/intents.

They are $20 US, which is a flat rate that includes shipping to anywhere in US or Canada. Depending on the demand, I will continue to make them and charge them under whatever full moon we’re in. For now, they are fairly limited so grab while you can.

p.s. there is an error evident in some of the images above. I won’t point it out, but it’s been corrected for the final product!

p.p.s. Happy October!!!

With love and magick,