Fate & Fortune Kit

Fate & Fortune Kit


***Please note: If you are from Canada or USA, a $3 shipping charge will be added at checkout per item. Overseas orders will include a $7 fee. Price = USD. Kits are shipped 2-4 business days after purchase.

This kit is like a fortune cookie in an envelop - but much more in depth and intuitively assembled just for you at the time of order!

With these kits, you’ll receive the following:

  • A “Fortune” greeting card with a scratch card to reveal your “power word”.

  • A second scratch card from the Fortune Cards deck.

  • An affirmation card intuitively pulled just for you.

  • A one card, brief general tarot reading (though you can select a topic at checkout). For this you will receive a copy of card I pulled along with a print out of the reading and all the messages that came through.

My process for assembling these kits is as follows: I will work with my regular reading deck for your 1 card reading. Then, I will send you a version of that card
from a different deck that I no longer work with. This will ensure I'm always working with a full deck and there are lots of options to send folks. If by some rare chance I end up pulling a card for you that I no longer have, I will take a photo of the card, print it and then include that in your package so you still have something tangible.

For the affirmation cards, I will work with a deck I no longer read with and send you the actual card that I pull. That card should more or less speak for itself and will require no interpretation on my part. It may compliment the one card reading, or may point to something very different. The two decks that I’m working with for the affirmation draw are Miracles Now and the Art of Life Tarot (it has beautiful quotes on it).

The entire kit will come with 4 tangible cards in total. That’s a whole lot of surprise and magick for you to hold in your hand! The nice thing about having a physical copy of your reading is that you can then use the cards as anchors, reminders or ritualistic tools to affirm the messages received. Place them on your alter, in a sacred space or in a keepsake box to return to whenever you feel the need.