Tarot Intention Kits

Tarot Intention Kits


***Please note: If you are from Canada or USA, a $3 shipping charge will be added at checkout per item. Overseas orders will include a $7 fee. If you order within Canada, you will receive a tracking number. If you order from anywhere else you will not. Price = USD. Kits are shipped 1-3 business days after purchase.

***Also note: some kits feature a handwritten tag while others feature a cut and paste from the tarot card. Small point but thought I'd mention it. There is also a small error on this image in the card's info, so if you catch it - it's been corrected!

These kits are small, but mighty and have been designed to utilize both tarot and crystal energy to help formulate and breath life to your desires.

Your kit has been assembled to match a specific tarot card with a set of crystal chips to further compliment its essence. This means you can use your package as a way to manifest those energies on a general level, or you may form a very specific intent with the intention slip included.

Each kit comes packaged with the following:

  • A small vile containing crystal chips to match the energy of the kit you’ve selected.

  • In that vile you will also find a small paper slip with an image of the tarot card you’ve selected. On the blank side is where you may write your intent.

  • A teeny tiny double sided crystal grid printed on 330 gsm matte stock.

  • 1 white scentless tealite.

  • A “Magick” greeting card containing an affirmation designed specifically to suit the tarot card/kit you’ve selected.

  • A small black organza bag to hold your crystals, intent, candle and grid.

  • A card listing the various properties and associations of the tarot card/kit you’ve selected so you can better understand its power and how to work with it.

  • A letter from me with instructions on how to use your kit including a few general tips to get the most from your ritual/intents.

Each of these kits was charged during the Full Moon in Aries on September 25th, 2018. There are a limited amount and depending on the interest, I will replenish following the next full moon in October.

See below for list of kits and how to utilize them.

If you cannot decide which kit you want, you can also select “surprise me!” at checkout and I will intuitively choose one for you.


Use to invoke or manifest the following…

The Fool: Adventure, Optimism, Opportunity, Fun
The Magician: Willpower, Skill, Confidence
The High Priestess: Intuition, Subconscious, Divination, Spirituality
The Empress: Creativity, Fertility, Self-care, Abundance, Beauty
The Emperor: Power, Authority, Structure, Stability
The Lovers: Love, Relationships, Passion, Romance
The Chariot: Success, Focus, Ambition, Drive, Motivation, Travel
Strength: Strength, Resolve, Patience, Personal Power
The Hermit: Meditation, Contemplation, Reflection, Inner Awareness, Wisdom
The Wheel of Fortune: Luck, Fortune, Karma
Temperance: Healing, Balance, Harmony
The Tower: Transformation, Cleansing
The Star: Guidance, Hope, Inspiration
The Moon: Dreams, Shadow-work
The Sun: Fun, Joy, Self-Expression, Confidence
The World: Success, Completion, Travel, Accomplishment
Ace of Cups: Love, Heart Health, Compassion, Empathy, Relationships
Ace of Wands: Passion, Spark, Sexuality, Creativity

For Court Characters, use to tap into the following attributes…

Queen of Pentacles: Secure, Home-Wise, Financially Sound
King of Pentacles: Prosperous, Wealthy, Practical
Queen of Wands: Outgoing, Vibrant, Inspiring, Creative