Personal Year Guidebook for 2018


Personal Year Guidebook for 2018


It is said that our lives move in 9 year cycles, with each year representative of a different vibration, focus and possibilities. Understanding where we are, personally in that cycle, can help us understand not only how we can get the most of that particular year, but understand where we're headed, where we've been and what it means in the context of the collective.

These guidebooks have been created to give you a way to tap into the vibration of your personal year and to help you make the most of what the energy has to offer. Below is a list of the contents of each guidebook and below that I will share how to calculate your personal year number to make sure you receive the correct guide! (keep in mind some of the information contained is a bit tarot-centric. You don't need to be a tarot whiz to get a lot from the guide, but having a deck around will definitely help you get the most of it!)

  • An overview of the concept and a look at the whole 9 year cycle
  • Recap of your previous personal year
  • Overview of your current personal year
  • Overview of the collective year and how it connects to your personal one
  • Vibrational correspondences for your year
  • Personal archetype and power cards
  • Prompts to reflect
  • Exercises specific to your year to help you get the most of it, tune in and get through
  • A 2-3 card group reading for your year ahead
  • 2 Tarot/oracle spreads for you to perform on your own

To calculate your personal year number, take your birthdate and month and add it to the year of interest (2018). December 22, for example, would work out like this. 1+2+2+2+2+0+1+8 = 18. You need to keep reducing until you get a single digit though, so 1+8 = 9!

When you fill out the form, please ensure you are selecting the right number from the drop down. I will send you what is specified on that form!

Once purchased, you will receive a welcome email containing your specified guidebook. While I try to get all orders out in the hour, please allow up to 12  as it's not an automated process!

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