Reading In The Flow


Reading In The Flow


Are you ready to stop memorizing meanings, and start seeing the message? Any combination of cards is like a storyboard, and depending where the cards land, we can start to witness a different telling of events. Reading In The Flow is about moving beyond singular meanings to understand the larger picture - a method of which will enable you to get much more information out of the cards drawn! With this technique, you’ll learn to train yourself to take a bird’s eye view to spot the synchronicities present within any grouping of cards. Together we’ll explore the ways in which cards weave together or repel each other, as well as uncover the simple signs and symbols that help lend larger meaning to the spread at large. This method of reading means that you will be able to comfortably and confidently interpret any grouping of cards without having to rely on memorization or even comprehensive knowledge of tarot/oracle. Similar to intuitive reading, this method will help you to see beyond the book meaning, to create a more fulsome and meaningful interpretation of any spread.

This course is intended for beginner/intermediate students though all may benefit from the techniques.

What you get: 38 page PDF guidebook outlining the techniques and methods through 8 lessons. A 30 minute video, which walks you through a series of examples. 

The lessons will include content on the following:

  • overview of this method and why it’s so effective, regardless of your skill/experience
  • the link between intuitive reading and reading in the flow
  • deck structure and basic associations (i.e. numbers, elements and suits)
  • the important aspects to look for in every spread to help you see the bigger picture and get much more information from the cards
  • how to apply this technique to oracle decks
  • 2 additional techniques to add to your readings
  • lots of examples, visuals and hands on practice to start seeing those connections
  • flow chart which you can print and use to track your readings

Once purchased, you will receive a welcome email containing your specified guidebook. While I try to get all orders out in the hour, please allow up to 12  as it's not an automated process!

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