Spirit Guides: Bridging The Connection


Spirit Guides: Bridging The Connection


Are you ready to learn more about the spirit guide realm, your spiritual team, and also forge a truly meaningful connection with one special member of it? Are you eager to learn how to combine tarot and oracle in that communication process? If so, then you're ready to bridge the connection. We all have spirit guides - but this course is designed to help you take your relationship with this realm to the next level and beyond.

After over a year of producing and sharing spirit guide content in a multitude of ways, I'm finally wrapping it all up in one neat little package in the form of a self-study course. What can you expect from this material? Well, for starters, it's broken down into 4 distinct parts.

  • Part I: A detailed 101 informative that gives you loads of information about spirit guides in general.
  • Part II: A guided meditation to connect you with a member of your spiritual team.
  • Part III: A 30 day immersive experience, using tarot, designed to take your connection with one special member of your team to new heights Not only will you learn about your guide, you'll also determine what type of guide they are, what they are here to help you with and much more!
  • Part IV: Additional spreads and techniques to help you tap into your team and continue the conversation beyond the experience.

The 30 day immersive experience is really the meat and potatoes of this course and it has been designed specifically to not only connect you with a member of your team, but also enhance your intuition and understanding of your soul's path and purpose. Each day there will be a prompt (to answer with cards), an explanation, and space to record your impressions. Each week will also include an extra credit assignment intended to enhance your connection with your guide even further.

Course Inclusions: A 79 page guidebook containing all 4 parts (PDF), an audio file containing the guided meditation (mp3).

Are you ready to open your heart and mind to the incredible connections awaiting you? Your guides can't wait to get started!

Once purchased, you will receive a welcome email containing your specified guidebook. While I try to get all orders out in the hour, please allow up to 12  as it's not an automated process!

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