"For a small flash sale kind of reading, this was packed with such good insight! Totally spot on, the reading really resonated with where I'm at right now and where I know I'm headed next. I felt that you really communicated with the cards intuitively, not just seeking succinct answers to my question but listening to what the cards had to say and going with it. I really appreciated that, as well as the conversational feel of the report you wrote, like we were sitting and doing a reading in person and talking it through. I will definitely be keeping your words and advice in mind and coming back to this reading to reflect on it. Also, as always, your photography is gorgeous!" -Sammy"
"Thank you so much, Julia! As usual, your reading was spot on! It had great information and advice I needed to hear. You are so talented and gifted. Every time I receive a reading from you, it's as if you know me personally even though we've never met, or even had a phone conversation. I greatly appreciate all the hard work you put into these readings and the great detail as well. You are very kind and generous! Thank you again!" -Joy"
"Her reading was incredible, and the advice, wisdom and answers she provided were not only right on the mark, but mind blowing as well. She mentioned things that had only crossed my mind in passing, giving insight and answers to questions I didn't even ask!" -Lori 
"I found this to be very healing. I was looking for the final piece to get closure and this was a great way to get it. Thank you!" -Janet
"What a great experience this was. Julia is so lovely and goes above and beyond to answer any questions you may have. She also provides you with a well written and organized presentation of your reading. I would highly recommend her." -Amy
"Such a detailed reading. Julia Eve even gave me a second bonus reading based on what came up in the past life reading. So much of what she turned up resonated with me, it feels as if she shined a light on what I felt inside and clarified it. Will definitely return for another reading. Thank you!" -Alaina
"This reading was so helpful and inspiring. I can't wait to work with Julia again!" -Ashley
"I got a great reading from Julia, sent to me with beautiful modern layout, and high quality photos. The reading itself was in depth, clear and precise, and I recognized a lot in how I was described and how my current relationship is developing! Also a plus that it was delivered surprisingly fast. I'm very pleased! can definitely see myself returning to this talented tarot reader. -Ania
"The first thing that drew me towards Julia was the design of her listings, it's a first impression after all. Second, she was very kind and responsive to my messages which made me feel more comfortable about getting a reading. The card she pulled here really deeply resonated with me, and the mantra she made for it was beautiful, though also challenging in some aspects, which makes sense for me also. Thank you!" -Sharon
"An amazing affirmation that is helping me get through the toughest of times in my life so far. Loved this reading a lot and the way it was presented was FLAWLESS! <3" -Devina
"Excellent, in depth, easy to understand, highly recommended." -Katey
"This was amazing! I loved the in depth look and this reading really left no stone unturned...please know that every word resonated with me." -Janet